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Allergic reactions

Although the exact cause of tinnitus is unknown, some health practitioners argue that tinnitus can appear to be an allergic reaction. They base their argument on the fact that airborne pathogens that people inhale and certain foods that they eat may irritate their auditory canal as much as they inflame the sinuses and mucous membrane.

There are several allergens (substances that trigger allergic reactions) that may trigger tinnitus. These include the foreign substances we breathe and certain food that we eat. Common allergens that may trigger tinnitus and other ear infections that may result in tinnitus are:

  • Molds

    Most molds need simple things to exist and colonize. Most of them require a type of moist humidity. Mold produces tiny spores that waft through the air continually. When mold spores land on a damp spot (indoors) they may begin growing and digesting whatever they are growing on. Molds can also feed on your skin and cause infections.

  • Pollen

Pollen is among the most common pathogens that trigger nasal and throat infections. However, the Eustachian tube that connects the ear to the throat and the nose is often affected by the increased pollen invasion of the throat and nose. The irritation may spread to the middle ear and the inner ear if medical attention is delayed.

Pollen is more prevalent in the early mornings. After the dew dries, pollen springs up and is carried around by the morning breeze.

Dust mites are so numerous and cannot be numbered. They're the most common trigger of perennial allergy and asthma symptoms, especially in humid regions where dust mites tend to thrive throughout the home and eat dead skin cells. Dust mites make there homes in any humid and moist corner and dig on our skin until it gets irritated.

  • Hair sprays

When we apply hair sprays and other cosmetics, we may have them enter into our ears unconsciously. Some of these chemicals are too strong that they may quickly irritate the ear tissues, causing irritations. Also, when we swim in chlorinated water, we may have the chlorinated water enter into our ears causing serious inflammations that may even impair our hearing ability.

  • Certain foods

There are certain foods that are known to trigger allergic reactions in most people. If you persist on consuming foods that you're allergic to, other allergies may develop. Foods like soy, wheat, chocolate, and red wine, vinegar, eggs, milk etc. are responsible for most allergic reactions.

Most of the above mentioned foods aggravates sinusitis condition and may increase its spreading capacity that it even invades the middle and inner ear in just an instant.

Other causes of tinnitus:

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