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I got your sinus war pills yesterday.  I have been coughing nonstop for 13 years since I had brain cancer. Nothing has ever worked just hollow promises till I saw your website and thought just maybe this could help, but I've been let down  so many times till now I took 1 pill this morning and I never coughed this stuff is amazing and it does everything that you said it would. This stuff is truly amazing, may you have much success!
Thank You
I Seitman (FL -US)


Just wanted to update you on my progress.  Before I started Sinuswars 13 I had a polyp the size of a grape in my left nostril, it was so big you could see it sticking out of the side of they bridge of my nose. After 5 days it is gone and i can breath through the left side of my nose. Since my face is filled with polyps I have a long way to do go. But I will tell you I am blown away by this product.

Have a great day!!!
Sherry (NJ - US)


Hello Sinuswars,

Greetings from the Lone Star State. I have had acute allergies, sinusitis, and an “incurable” barking cough for the past 26 years. My children have grown up knowing me with coughs and blocked sinuses (that’s how they find me in stores when they get lost). I have been to every doctor and specialist around. Only hydrocodone cough syrup helped, but that has its own problems, and is not viable for long-term use. I have had doctors tell me “sorry, we can’t do anything more for you, you’ll just have to learn to live with it.”

Not being a person who takes that kind of advice well, I stumbled upon your website and thought, “What the heck; I’ve done everything else and nothing has worked”. I just received your sinuswars 1 and 2 yesterday evening. I took them as directed, and then took a bath. Holy cow! I had all sorts of green ropy junk come up, AFTER JUST ONE DOSE, within ½ hour. I haven’t been able to clean out my sinuses, not even with a saline wash, but this stuff started to work almost immediately.

Last night was the first night in DECADES that I didn’t cough. I slept great and felt wonderful the next morning. I took my second dose this morning, and can feel everything loosening up some more. I haven’t been able to hear this well in forever.

Your product is amazing! Despite all the MDs who are writing nasty articles about homeopathic medicine being a “scam”, I decided to try it and am so glad that I did. The proof is in the pudding, so to speak….MDs have left me suffering and addicted to hydrocodone. Y’all have given me the best night’s sleep since I was a teenager (and I’m 47). I am floored by this…..why did I have to suffer all these years??


Lake Dallas, Texas, USA


I just wanted to let you know that I've received the two remedies that I requested. Thank you for the quick turn around. Sincerely,
Mr Dwight (IL -US)


My shipment arrived today, which being so soon after my order, was impressive.

Thanks for your attention and service,
Charles Rhodes (CT)


Just to let you know that the goods arrived on Monday. Very impressed with your service.

Thanks once again.
Brian (United Kingdom)


I have suffered for YEARS with sinus conditions. The worst of it was a cough that was with me 24/7. I was loosing sleep. People gave me dirty looks like I was going to infect them with a disease. I couldn't talk, laugh , run, sing, etc without coughing. I had to start wearing Poise because I was unable to control my bladder during the coughing spell. My granddaughter, Gianna, was born last August & she got so used to me coughing & sounding like a German Shephard barking she would stay asleep on my chest through all of it. I think she thought that is just what I am supposed to sound like! I had been to the doctors including the specialists! I was on steroids, inhalers, codine, musinex, zyrtec only to name a few. None of them really worked. Actually making me feel worse & even more tired. The doctors seemed to be pulling stuff out of the air..go here..go there..take this...get this test..maybe it's asthma...they had no clue. I went to GOOGLE & typed in " I can't stop coughing" and saw your web site. So I checked it all out & decided to try the Sinus Wars 2.

It has been 2 weeks since I have been taking it & I feel like a new person!!!!!! At first I did get a little worse like your ad said but then I started to notice a major improvement in less than a week!!!!! I hardly ever cough anymore & when I do it is just a teeny weeny little one!!!! I am more than happy & so are my family & friends!!! I will be forever grateful!! Thank you thank you thank you a million times over!!!

Thanks A Million!
Suz (PA -US)


I received the sinus wars NO. 5 on Friday May 11. 2007. I have been on # 13 for one month now and what a difference I am not considering surgery at all any more it has worked wonders. After only 2 days my sinus migraines had gone away and now I can breathe out of my nose a little bit and it has been 6 years since that has happened. Thank you so much you have saved me from another sinus surgery.

Thanks for saving my sanity,


My husband had the polyps removed about 10 years ago and now it comes back badly. After taking #13 for about 2 weeks, he started to breathe better through his nose during sleep. And he also complaint less about the dry mouth in the morning.

Mary (Maryland)


My order arrived today - thanks for such fast shipping!
thank you for the great service!

Marianne (NJ - US)


Thank you for such a wonderful product, I can't tell you how wonderful it is to have relief from PND!!!

Thanks so much,
Gail (Australia)


I've been meaning to write for a few weeks now.

I've been using sinuswars for about 4 weeks now. I take them twice daily as prescribed, and I cant believe the difference it has made. My headaches are nothing like they used to be, and my sinuses, although still blocked at times, are much easier. I don't have the 'foggy' heads that I used to have.  I just wanted to thank you for what you have done. I feel I finally have my life back.

Many thanks.
Marian (United Kingdom)


Your Sinus Wars 13 has been a miracle formula for me in clearing up Nasal Polyps. I am hoping you might have a recommendation for reducing the high pitched ear ringing (like radio or computer noise), “Tinnitus”. If you have a product or could recommend one, I would be very appreciative. I am 65 years old and in great health but am annoyed with the ear ringing problem.

Thank you,
Tom Brafford

I have received my order and after using for only 5 days I feel much better Many Thanks Julie

Dear Sinuswars,

I have suffered from congestion, sinus headaches, and constant post nasal drip for 20 years.  Doctors have prescribed steroid nasal sprays and numerous expensive prescription mediations that did not help.  I also have suffered from tinnitus for 4 years in one ear.

Since I have been taking Sunuswars 4 I cannot believe the change!  My tinnitus, though not gone, is so much quieter.  My congestion is all but gone and no more post nasal drip.  I hear much more clearly too.  

I was very skeptical of your products but I have just referred your company to 2 friends who suffer with chronic allergies.  Your product works and my quality of life is greatly improved thanks to you.

C. Brownson (CA-US)


This is just a short note to let you know;

- that I had stopped all anti-biotics and Cortisone mid-Feb.,
- that having taken the SinusWars 13 pills for some 6 weeks now, I have suffered no sinus ailments to date.
- (during the past 5 days or so, my one nostril is slightly blocked but so far not seriously.)
- I have not encountered any side effects at all. Though this was not anticipated anyway.

Accordingly, I am pleased to report that the treatment so far has indeed been successful and has been very much appreciated. And, I can honestly recommend SinusWars to anyone who has been afflicted by Sinus problems, (believe me, I had tried everything and kept my Doctors in good financial standing).

Many thanks, and best regards
Fay de Stadler (South Africa)

You must have jetted it here! Thanx for the speedy delivery.

Thought you would like to know the tablets are working - it is marvellous.  I am not bunged up, my sense of smell is back which after more than two years having no sense of smell is marvellous.  I am sleeping so much better (don't keep waking up for a drink of water).  Friends have commented that I don't sound so nasal when I speak.  I can't thank you enough - I just hope it continues.  Before I used your tablets I was at my wits end and had decided that if your tablets didn't work I would go ahead with the op. for removal of polyps.

Thank you,
Andrea (United Kingdom)


It works better than anything over the counter. thanks again,
truly, chad


SinusWars 13
WOW!!!, What a miracle product. If someone had tried to tell me, I would have not believed them. WOW!



Hi! My name is Celeste I tried your product and I feel like my self again. It has been three years since I loss my sense of taste and smell. I had surgery a year ago and was going for my second surgery sometime this year. I'm so glade that I was open minded to read about your product. Thank you so much you really did save my life!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 

Celeste (US)


It only took 2 days to work. I'd been trying to get rid of that cough for weeks. I have phases I go through where I get a cough and it lasts for months, despite antibiotics, prescription nasal sprays, cough syrups, and herbal remedies. This is the only thing that stopped it cold.

Thanks again.
Nancy (NJ- US)

I just want to let you know that I am so pleased that I found your website. I have been taking sinus wars 4 for five weeks now, and I have not had a sinus infection yet. Thank you so much. It really works.                  
Annie (TN - US)

Just want you to know how great your products are! My husband is currently using Sinuswars 5 and 13 for polyps. He had one very large that was hanging in his throat causing great discomfort and it was pretty scary to look at! He saw a Ear, Nose and Throat Specialist and he said he could cut it out, no problem, his fee would be $8,000.00, that is not counting a ct scan and the hospital fee!!!!

He has been on your products for just a few weeks and already the polyp is not hanging down and when you could still see it, it had white and discolored spots all over it and much smaller. It looks like it is drying up!

Thank You, we are telling everyone we know about your web site!

Bill & Cathy Dalton


Just to let you know that my order for Sinuswars numbers 5 and 13 arrived today and thank you for sending them so quickly. 

Kind regards, Sue

Today is the first clear day i have had since starting this product.(about 4 days) I have been on steroids for  years and have had 2 sinus surgeries. I cant be live this !!! I have not had a good night sleep in weeks. Thank you, if it continues this way maybe i can get my sense of smell back Thanks again June

Thanks for an excellent product!  I spent years taking Claritin D as well as Flonase. The pseudoeffedrin kept me from a deep restful sleep & I also disliked the idea of putting both substances into my body.  I was in an awful rut of sacrificing my sleep & health in order to stave off my frequent sinus headache pain.  I was miserable.  I received the Sinus Wars No. 4 & immediately went cold turkey on the Claritin & Flonase.  I must say I doubted your product would have any measurable effect on my symptoms.  Within 2 days I noticed the remedy working in a substantial way.  That was about a month ago & I have not taken Claritin D or Flonase since.  That is not to say all of my symptoms have vanished completely.  I have had 1 or 2 "small" flare-ups but the difference to what it used to be is night & day.  Your product has made all of the difference.  I am now changing my diet & exercise routine to complement the fine work the remedy is doing.  Thanks for providing an alternative to prescription & OTC drugs.  Your website was like finding an oasis in a large desert filled with limited choices!

Dan Thornhill


Second day and already feel so much better

kind regards

I received my SinusWars 15, and my sinus symptoms are getting better.

Thanks, Andrew.


My name is Rebecca Poyser. I emailed you in July of this year and you recommended me sinuswars 7 for 3 months and then to take sinuswars 8 for another 3 months as my sinusitis is very chronic. I am noticing a difference already in my health. The congestion has eased as has the nasal tap. I was taking 6g of vitamin c a day and I've managed to cut that to 3g without my glands flaring up.

It is almost too good to be true. My diet since July is very balanced cutting out all refined sugar, reducing diary products and cutting out pork and red meats. This I'm sure is helping me as well. Thank you for your advice so far. I will keep in touch.

Yours sincerely


I have read the instructions and have been taking the SinusWars8 for just 3 days now. My severe chronic cough of 20 years improved considerably the first day. I rarely coughed during the next 2 days and when I do it is less violent and more productive. After years of persistent coughing and countless treatments, I'm very optimistic now for the long term.
Thank you.





Re-ordereding products today - Products have totally changed my 3 yr old boy.  We use the #1 and #4 - AM & PM - nothing has ever worked so well.

We are telling everyone about your products.


"I was so excited to finally find a remedy that has helped clear and open my sinuses. I first started out with Sinus Wars 8 & 5 in conjunction as I had chronic sinus infections and polyps. 2 weeks into starting the remedies my symptoms were starting to be relieved: nasal congestion, polyp obstruction, discolored mucus, and not being able to smell or taste. I eagerly finished the first 6-week-bottle of SW8 & 5 and was on my way to starting my 2nd bottle of SW8 to combine with SW1 when I was blessed with the news that I am expecting.

And thank you so much for the fine product that has done for me what years of "western medicine" could not."

E. Healy

"Well, it has been two weeks since I stopped my prescription allergy medicine and started my SinusWars therapy. I have to say, I have not felt quite this good in a really long time. I purchased Number1 and Number7. I have had perhaps only one allergy episode and it was minimal. My sinuses were bilaterally occluded before, now they are clean and clear almost all of the time. I am sleeping better and, subsequently, feeling better. I can't tell you how glad I am not to be taking high-strength prescription pills anymore, especially when they were apparently not helping my symptoms anymore. The air quality has improved here and I am over the hump of spring/early summer reaction but I am continuing to take this natural remedy to ensure I feel healthy all season long.

A wonderful product. Keep up the good work of developing homeopathic therapies for those lucky enough to have found you."

Take care -

"I like to congratulate you and your company for the excellent customer-care service.
For years, I have been ordering goods from the internet and this is the first time I have received such good customer care service with your detailed instruction and advice.

Please keep up the good work. You may be pleased to know that the below information means a lot to me."

Thanks again,
Thank you for my sinuswars medication and for a very quick and efficient service.

Kind regards,

Thank you for such a quick response! I have already had a six week course from you and there has been such an improvement I have now ordered this current lot. So far so good -  not so much pain and no migraines for  six weeks-  its years since I went that long so am ever hopeful it will continue, will let you know.

H Robson (United Kingdom)
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