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SinusWars14 is the best product for post nasal drip. I love it because it is the only product that helped me. Thank you. I will definetly order again.

Narine O (Ca - US)


The SinusWars2 came in just four days and I just wanted to let you know how much I appreciate it. I started using it immediately and my symptoms are already starting to improve.

Jim R - US

Thanks so much for your wonderful Sinuswars2 product. I predict that SinusWars is going to be HUGE, because it really and truly WORKS!! Get the word out there, PLEASE!  There is such a need for these products!  I think that thousands of people out there like me are suffering, and they hesitate to try anything new because (like me) they've tried it ALL! I was just thinking about it this morning: I WISH I had found SinusWars long before now! Think of all the money I would've saved!  I have spent literally thousands of dollars in the past going to doctors and allergists and getting allergy shots every week, none of which did any good whatsoever. I have tried acupuncture, prescription nasal sprays, and every over-the-counter nasal product and sinus headache relief product you can imagine. Nothing has helped me, not even the allergy shots, which I put up with every week for almost three years!  Since I've been using SinusWars, I actually feel like a whole person again! I still can't even quite believe it!  All of the years of suffering are actually over and behind me!  I have always had severe headaches, and I mean severe ones -- to the point where I would even vomit and get fever and chills during some episodes. And at this time of year, I would normally wake up with a headache every single morning, but not anymore!  I'm able to go to the gym now and really work out hard because my head isn't aching anymore like it used to! You can't do as much or do it very well when your head is constantly aching! THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU, SINUS WARS!  I am SO grateful!  Anything I can do to spread the word, just let me know. To all the people out there who are considering trying the products, PLEASE don't hesitate!  Your sinus problems will be HISTORY and you'll go on with your life and never look back! I feel like a normal person again for the first time in about twenty years!  My life is so much better now, and I'm not always tired because of the constant monstrous ache! People out there should not not be afraid to take the plunge and give the products a try! They will absolutely bless the day that they did! I can NEVER thank you enough!! Carole

It took almost two weeks to clear up my post nasal drip issue, now I have entirely clear sinuses, and I haven't had to use antibiotics or over the counter medication for 2 months now.  I’m so relieved and happy that I finally found something that really works.

L. Cruz (NY)


I have had polyps for the past 15 years. I had 3 surgeries during this time and the polyps have come back every time. I found the sinuswars6 product and decided to give it a try as surgery seemed to be a waste on time and money and a whole lot of pain. After taking your products for about 3 months I feel so much better and the polyps have definatly decrease in size. Thank you so much.

S Golden, FL - US


Following a particularly nasty sinusitis attack I lost my taste and smell.  In fact I often lose it and have had to live with it.  Nasal sprays don't help, neither does inhalation.

I have been using this product for the past two weeks.  I took two tablets a day and nothing happened for the first week.  I then increased it to three tablets a day and this week a breakthrough - I can taste and smell again!!!!  I am also doing nasal washes with a netti-pot but this alone I know hasn't cured it.

Just wanted to say I am so impressed by these tablets and will keep them at hand for when or if it happens again!

S Thompson (Canada)


"My sinuses have been draining continuous since I have used your SinusWars7 and 9. Before I started taking the remedies I have been sick every winter. I have passed the winter with out getting blocked sinuses and headaches.

I will be recommending your remedies to all my friends and family."

Joe Smith (US)


I had a stuffy, completely blocked nose, thick post nasal drip that would clog my throat and sinus pressure with occasional headaches. After taking your the recommended sinuswars7 I have only seen my symptoms improve. No more blocked nose, inflammation or post nasal drip.

Dillon, IA - US


I have been suffering most of my adult life with severe bad breath. I have been using your no.8 and no.11. They have literally changed my life. I feel more confident and dont dread speaking to people now.

Thank you Anonymous


I'm amazed at how well the sinuswars treatments have helped me. Last year I had MRSA of my sinuses and since taking the number8 remedy my doctor has cleared me of all chronic sinus infection. Thanks Sinusswars for such a great product.

Lopez Jnr - Texas


I had been visiting your website many times before actually purchasing the sinuswars1 allergy remedy. When I read how well this product works I didn’t quite believe it. I have been taking it now for 6 months and cannot express my gratitude at the results I am getting.

Andrew F, NY - US

I was blessed with some of the worst sinuses in the world. I have been diagnosed with chronic sinusitis and have multiple polyps on top of that. I have had three surgeries for polyp removal and of course they keep coming back. I have been on sinus # 13 for a month now and can tell that my polyps have shrunk. I started using # 8 and # 6, 2 weeks ago as the allergens are now in the air. I am feeling better at this moment than I have in several years. I had tried everything from over the counter medicines, doctor prescriptions, steroid injections and acupuncture. Nothing so far has worked as well as the sinuswars medicines.
James Hughes

I cannot believe it!  Suffering from allergy and sinus issues that use to cause frequent sinus infection which caused pain and clogged sinuses. Tried Sinusawrs10 and I don’t regret it.

Richard G, Mexico


A quick note to let you know your SW#10 Spray is amazing. I received it last month, after years of headache caused by congestion, tried whole range of various medications, but none of the other products have come close to what SW#10 has done.

Thank You D Range, Texas


Your products are a godsend, I had been suffering from ear pressure, blocked ears, ear pain and constant ringing that was driving me insane. I tried so many things and nothing worked. Your sinus#4 and #16 has worked wonders by treating all my symptoms especially getting rid of the insane ringing in my ears.

Carr J


My wife and I are in our 60’s and both suffer from severe nasal drip. We have been using the SinusWars2 and SinusWars14 for 7 days and the drip has begun to decrease. The SinusWars products have also had a good effect on my wifes congestion! Thank you for both of us.

Cynthia & Steven


I want to thank you for your time and patience and for a wonderful product, which help me tremulously from chronic sinusitis problems.

T Yong - Santa Fe


I've had sinusitis since I can remember. At first it appeared to be seasonal or when the weather changed, but in the last ten years or so the post nasal drip and blocked ears have been a constant plague especially at night. Needless to say I've tried everything medicine could offer, not counting the over the counter different sprays. These things, however, alleviated the symptoms only temporarily at first, and then later, if anything, aggravated them. One of my ears was so blocked my hearing became impaired, not to mention the continuous noise which was driving me crazy. It was thought that the ear was permanently damaged.

Sinuswars Remedies were my last resort. I thought I noticed a difference a few days after I had started taking them. There seemed to be less mucous in my throat and as a result I started to sleep better. After a few weeks, I felt cool wind in my ears, something I had not felt in ages. My hearing, to my surprise, was gradually improving and the unbearable noise decreasing.

There is no doubt about it, Sinuswars Remedies are succeeding where everything else has failed. I feel a deep sense of gratitude for having regained my peace of mind. I would recommend Sinuswars to anyone who suffers from sinusitis whether it be a mild ailment or a serious affliction. Thank you Sinuswars for helping me to enjoy the "sound of silence"!

(Yvonne, Western Australia).
Once again thank you.


Five years, two surgeries and no relief. I was very skeptical about using homeopathic products but I had no choice. I was determined to try every thing and anything to get some relief. I purchased SinusWars 8 and Sinuswars2. Just within 3 days my sinuses felt very weird and my constant headaches started fading. A few days later most of my symptoms were gone. I have now finished the 12 week course and my symptoms did not come back.

You have saved my life.

M Hicks (US)


"I love SinusWars remedies. I've had many sinus infections which I think was due to blocked nasal passages and allergies. I just finished my course of SinusWars remedies. At first I could not feel any of the results but after just a few days I started breathing easier and felt great. I have never felt better.

Donna Peterson (US)


I used to get a few sinus infections every few months and they used to last for a week each time. I tried prescription drugs but they just kept coming back and worse than the previous attack. After 2 weeks of taking your products my constant blocked nasal passage started draining. I also felt that I have more energy. I can now take part in physical activities with my kids. You have a life saving product.

Mike Thompson (United Kingdom)


Just wanted to say how pleased I am with your product! My nasal polyps and recurring sinus condition have been mitigated. I have a realistic outlook and understand that I will  always have to deal with nasal polyps,but Sinus Wars 13 has truly made a difference in my life.

Thank you for your help
Scott (PA-US)


I ordered Sinus Wars 9 and 10 several weeks ago. The results have far exceeded my expectations. Relief started after only 3 days. Within 10 days all sinus problems were gone. Not only were the sinus problems gone but the lack of energy and tiredness that sinus headaches cause were also gone. Sinus Wars has proved to be much more effective than the constant OTC drugs and even the prescription drugs, with their intolerable side effects, that I have been taking for years. No side effects with SinusWars, just relief. No more worries of yet another sinus infection.

Allen (NY-US)


hi i have just started using your product 3 weeks ago no.11 and it has changed my life. All my headaches are gone before i used to wake dreading the familiar throbbing pain behind my right eye i've suffered for years with sinus headaches spent hundreds on doctors and tablets various sprays, your product is the only thing that has worked. So a massive thank you to u all at sinus wars you've made my life a lot brighter

Thanks so much i'm forever grateful.
Pauline (UK)

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