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Other causes of Stress

Stress is not just a psychological problem, it is also a physical and emotional problem. It levels your emotional state low beyond your liking, and makes you feel depressed. Some people may even bite your head off when they're stressed out.

There are several things (stressors) that may cause stress. See hostile workplace environment. Here are just a few major causes of stress that are common in the whole world today. We classify them in three classes as change, uncertainty and loss/separation:


Changer is a French word for 'change' meaning to 'turn' or 'bend' to a different direction. In ancient French this term was used to describe the bending of the vine or a tree towards the sun. Today, change has become a technological, social, political, economical and psychological concept. It is a defining factor for the global society the world has just become.

Change is a situational phenomenon that most people fear. People find it hard to change and the idea that 'old habits die hard' is often true but the other side of it is also true. Stress may also be caused by the feeling or the perception that people have about/towards change. Changing a career, for instance may pose a risk, inconvenience, uncertainty and unpredictability.

Change may present opportunity with it, but your perception of it may be negative, causing you to feel uncertain and stressed. Certain changes demands a lot from us that we find ourselves confronted with huge responsibility and the need to acquaint ourselves with technology and other requirements for survival and competence:

Here are few examples of what change requires of you:

  • A new life in University (new study patterns away from home, new friends and new experiences)
  • A new job (different workplace environment, a new boss, new colleagues, transport method and bigger or smaller office etc.)
  • Change of residence (new neighbors, bigger or smaller house or flat and a bit farther from the supermarket etc.)
  • Joining a new club (sports/social/academic/corporate etc.)

The psychological processes you go through in order to come to terms with these situational changes may be very stressful. Yet, you must always remember that stress is your perception of the situation and not vice versa. If you think you can't handle it, you're likely to become stressed. But the other side of the coin might also be true. You must acknowledge and accept that you're stressed out and then deal with it. But there are other types of stress that you can't deal with on your own, you need to seek help from a qualified expert.

Uncertain future

We all have a basic need for some control over our life, not least in the area of our work and careers. But the technological village the world has become today, present changes that are at times beyond our control. Thinking about your future and your career is a common source of stress.

You begin to wonder whether you have chosen the career equivalent to your specific needs and whether you're the right person for the job. Looking for a position in either a highly competitive field or an undermined field may be very stressful. At the same time it can motivate us to do even better.

On the other hand technological innovations that integrate a multiple of what used to be separate professions develop gradually. Multi skilled people seem to be copying with change, but they also seem to be contradicting their own value systems. All this pressure combined with other life-changing activities can be an overload to your system.

Stress is caused by many different things in our lives, most of which we can handle on our own, but others require medical attention and/or mental therapy. It is very helpful to seek assistance from a professional.


Having to deal with loss or attempting to recover from its effects may be very stressful. Certain things that we lose in life are irrecoverable or rather irreplaceable. The following are examples of common losses that can be very stressful:

  • The loss of a spouse or family member(s) due to death divorce and/or other form of separation may take time to heal.
  • Separation from friends due to death and/or career moves or other reasons may open a wound of emptiness and loneliness.
  • Loss of security (like losing a job, an arid or evacuation, political and racial prejudices)
  • Loss of competence in the job (e.g. after the installation of new IT programs that require no expertise)
  • Loss of the old and accepted way of doing things.

The most common type of stress that has become a global complaint is job related stress. Having to act in a way that's contradictory to one's value system can cause stress. For instance, a professional physician who works for an unethical health institution will suffer a great deal of stress, because his actions will always contradict his profession.

A hostile work environment does not only combat your productivity, but it may also cause serious complications such as sleep apnea, thoughts of suicide and other unfortunate disturbances. Symptoms of stress may be psychological, emotional and physical.

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