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Tinnitus Treatments available


  1. Food and Vitamins which help with Tinnitus
  2. Foods to avoid when you suffer with Tinnitus
  3. Homeopathic and various treatment for Tinnitus

If you suffer from tinnitus or know of someone suffering with tinnitus, you can understand how disabling this condition can be.
Many leave this condition untreated as they believe there is no satisfying cure for it. This however is not always the case as there are numerous treatments which have been identified to not only treat tinnitus, but also help remedy the underlying causes of this irritating condition.

  1. Food and Vitamins which help with Tinnitus

    Our research has in fact shown that over 70% of tinnitus sufferers are vitamin deficient! It is therefore important that for any tinnitus relief, one needs to take some vitamins.

    • Magnesium, zinc, potassium phosphate, vitamin B and ginkgo biloba have been found to be helpful in the treatment for tinnitus.
    • With stress being one of the main influences with tinnitus, it may help to take stress relief or anti-anxiety medications to help alleviate and make tinnitus sounds less loud.
    • One should also try increasing the amount of salmon, flax seed and omega3 oils into their diets.

  2. Foods to avoid when you suffer with Tinnitus

    Even in today's 20th century there does not seem to be any concrete evidence which links certain foods to tinnitus. These bullets therefore serve as a guideline on the foods which a vast majority of people link to the cause of their tinnitus. You may go about testing your body's reaction to certain foods by removing a specific food substance from your diet completely for 2 weeks and thereafter reintroduce this food. You should then compare your tinnitus level whilst being off the food to your tinnitus level whilst on the food substance to distinguish if the food makes your tinnitus worse or not. This test should be undertaken repeatedly to correctly identify if a specific food affects you or not.

    • Certain drinks such as tea, coffee, cola and alcohol have been found to increase ones tinnitus level.
    • Other foods such as salt, spices and spicy foods, monosodium glutamate (MSG) and even cheese have also been found to increase the tinnitus levels in certain sufferers.
    • Aspirin taken in large doses may trigger tinnitus. This is however uncommon as there are more suitable treatments available for treating certain conditions making the need for large Aspirin doses unnecessary.
    • Certain medications, consumed above the required dose may be the cause of a person experiencing tinnitus. It is always important to find out from your local GP if the medications he recommends may cause tinnitus.
    • Quinine in large and prolonged doses (such as during the treatment of malaria) may cause tinnitus as it has the ability to cause damage to the delicate structure within the ear. This tinnitus is however temporary and usually ceases when the person stops his/her quinine intake.
    • Cytotoxic drugs used to treat cancer patient may also cause damage to the inner ear structure, leading to tinnitus. This however only occurs when there are high levels of the cytotoxic drugs present in a person's body.
    • Certain ototoxic drugs (diuretic drugs) used to increase the production of urine in certain conditions such as kidney failure may cause tinnitus.
    • It has also been mentioned that certain vitamins and minerals may influence ones tinnitus. One such vitamin is said to be calcium.

  3. Homeopathic and various treatment for Tinnitus
  • It is important that one tries to reduce and curtail ones stress level as this may not only trigger tinnitus, but also make tinnitus worse. This is due to the auditory nerves become tense when the body is under increased levels of stress.
  • Try drinking at least 8 glasses of water daily.
  • Homeopathy provides a holistic approach to treating tinnitus. This means that your body will be treated as a whole, taking into account all the different factors which may affect you, such as stress, diet and overall bodily functioning. Homeopathy also makes use of natural ingredients which decrease the chances of one experiencing any unwanted side effects. The principle of "like cures like" is strongly applied in the formulation and production of all homeopathic products. This principle means that if one is treating an allergy to bee stings using a homeopathic product, this product will contain bee sting venom in very minute particle to help the body build up a resistance to this allergy causing substance.
  • Acupuncture, cranio-sacral therapy and even hypnosis also offer a viable alternative to treating tinnitus; however no detailed studies have been done on the positive effects of the above treatments on tinnitus sufferers.

he above treatments serve as a guideline for managing ones tinnitus. Please remember that everyone's body is different and will therefore respond differently to treatments.


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