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Our newsletter this week will be focusing on homeopathy


  1. What is homeopathy?
  2. Where did Homeopathy evolve from?
  3. How does homeopathy work?
  4. How are homeopathic remedies made?
  5. The three laws of cure.
  6. Sinuswars remedies and homeopathy.

  1. What is homeopathy?

    Homeopathy is a form of medicine that treats the body as a whole and helps it to heal itself.
    The name comes from the Greek word "homios" which means "like" and the word "pathos" which means "suffering".
    In plain English it means "fight fire with fire". It can be used to treat both short and long term illnesses.
    The ultimate objective will be to prevent the patient from getting the illness again.

  2. Where did Homeopathy evolve from?

    It evolved around the 4 th century B.C a man called Hippocrates(Father of modern medicine) made several observations regarding natural substances.
    His results from his observations proved that large quantities of certain natural substances can produce symptoms in healthy people resembling those caused by a disease, while smaller doses of the same substances can relieve those symptoms.
    In 1790's using Hippocrates concept Samuel Hahnemann founded the practice called homeopathy and said
    "Let like be cured by like".
    Homeopathy uses animal, vegetable and mineral preparations to cure a person's illness.
    Millions around the world prefer homeopaths to conventional doctors.

  3. How does homeopathy work?

    Homeopathic remedies invoke the powers of healing that are built in individuals (our immune system) to develop a successful healing therapy.

  4. How are homeopathic remedies made?

    Homeopathic remedies are diluted to such an extent that there can be no possible side effects from even the most toxic substances. The dilution process is known as 'potentation' Taken in this ultra diluted form, Homeopathic remedies have no side effects and are perfectly safe, non-toxic and non-addictive.Homeopathic remedies are made from plant, animal and mineral extracts and diluted in altering degrees in order to avoid disagreeable side effects.

    Paradoxically, the more dilute the remedies are, the more effectively they work.

    The process of making remedies is very distinct.

    For remedies derived from soluble substances, such as animal or plant extracts, the raw material is dissolved in an alcohol / water mixture that contains approximately 90% pure alcohol and 10% distilled water (ratio may vary depending on substance) this mixture is left to stand for 2-4 weeks, shaken occasionally and then strained through a press. The resulting liquid is known as the mother tincture. Insoluble substances such as gold, calcium carbonate and graphite, must first be made soluble by a process known as titration, in which they are ground continually until they become soluble substances.

    To produce different remedy potencies, the mother tincture is diluted in an alcohol/water mixture according to one of two scales, the decimal (x) and the centesimal (c). Between every stage of dilution the diluted tincture is succussed (shaken vigorously) in the decimal scale the dilution factor is 1:10 and in the centesimal it is 1:100. To produce a 1c potency of the allium remedy for example, one drop of the mother tincture is added to 99 drops of an alcohol/water mixture and succussed. To produce a 2c potency, one drop of the 1c mixture is added to 99 drops of an alcohol/water mixture and succussed. The number of a homeopathic remedy shows how many times it has been diluted and succussed, for example, Allium 6c has been diluted and succussed six times.

  5. The three laws of cure.

    A remedy starts at the top of the body and works downward

    A remedy works from within the body outward, and from major to minor organs

    Symptoms clear in reverse order of appearance.

    Application of the three principles of cure means that you will feel better emotionally before you will feel better physically.

  6. Sinuswars remedies and homeopathy.

    All Sinuswars remedies are prepared according to the highest homeopathic standards.

    Being homeopathic in nature the remedies are:

    • The remedies are completely safe and have no side effects.
    • They help your body resist and fight your sinusitis.
    • They are made of the finest freshest ingredients.
    • There are no side effects when taken with prescribed medication.


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