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Our newsletter this week will be focusing on Humming... Does humming help with sinusitis?


1. Does Humming help sinus problems?
2. Nutrition
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  1. Does Humming help sinus problems?

    According to study from Sweden it suggests that humming "may reduce the risk of sinusitis". They found that humming lets people exhale significantly more air from their nasal passages than during less-whimsical exhalations, an advantage that could lower frequent hummers' risk of sinus infections.

    Here is the Brief Communication from the study:

    Humming greatly increases nasal nitric oxide
    The paranasal sinuses are major producers of nitric oxide (NO). We hypothesized that oscillating airflow produced by humming would enhance sinus ventilation and thereby increase nasal NO levels. Ten healthy subjects took part in the study. Nasal NO was measured with a chemiluminescence technique during humming and quiet single-breath exhalations at a fixed flow rate. NO increased 15-fold during humming compared with quiet exhalation. In a two-compartment model of the nose and sinus, oscillating airflow caused a dramatic increase in gas exchange between the cavities. Obstruction of the sinus ostium is a central event in the pathogenesis of sinusitis. Nasal NO measurements during humming may be a useful noninvasive test of sinus NO production and ostial patency. In addition, any therapeutic effects of the improved sinus ventilation caused by humming should be investigated."


  2. Nutrition

    Nutrition Facts & Diet Advice for a Sinus infection
    Consider the following nutrition guidelines:

    Avoid dairy produce, except goats or sheep's yoghurt. Dairy is mucus forming.

    Avoid smoking and second-hand smoke.

    Eat a diet high in raw and lightly steamed vegetables, and some fruit.

    Eat whole grains such as brown rice.

    Drink fresh vegetable juices (consider buying a juicer and a book on juicing)

    Drink large amounts of hot liquids such as soups and herbal teas. These help the mucus flow, relieving congestion and sinus pressure.

    Avoid sugar, soft drinks, white flour, white rice, all refined foods and fast foods.

    Consider having a blood test for food intolerances and allergies. Common allergens are wheat and dairy, citrus, eggs and yeast.

  3. Remedy Finder

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