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Stress NewsLetter

We at know one thing has never changed throughout the history of man kind. That is that women are indispensable moms and super busy doing what moms do best 365 days a year, so today is your day to sit back and relax. Put your feet up and let SinusWars LLC guide you to towards finding a better more relaxed and calmer you by helping identify if you suffer from excessive stress in your life style and what can be done to alleviate this 21 st century epidemic affecting you.


  1. Is stress affecting you daily?
  2. What causes stress?
  3. What are the effects of stress on our bodies?
  4. What measures can one take to de-stress?
  5. Are there any foods that help with or hinder stress?

  1. Is stress affecting you daily?

Do you feel:

  • Depressed, nervous or anxious at times?
  • Worried or experience tension type headaches, fatigue or nausea?
  • Does you skin often look flushed?
  • Do you feel short of breath and is your heart racing?
  • Do you experience chest ache or even dizziness?
  • Do you have an upset stomach, stomach cramps or even diarrhea?
  • Do you feel you can't focus on the tasks at hand or even distracted at work and in every day activities?
  • Do you feel forgetful and accident prone?
  • Do your moods change for no reason?
  • Do you find it difficult to sleep, have nightmares or wake up for no reason in the middle of the night?
  • Do your palms get clammy or sweaty?

If you have answered "YES" to one or more of the above, you may be suffering from stress which is then not only affecting you mentally, but also physically.

Stress is the result of a person physically and mentally responding to differences between what he or she imagines or has and what that persons expectations are of those images or realities.

The main reason for us having stress hormones is to warn us when we may be in trouble or danger. Stress hormones are released from a part in our brain which then causes our heart to beat faster so we may get away from the danger as soon as humanly possible. This reaction is called the "fight or flight reaction". When the stress is once off (like when running away from a dangerous situation) it has no lasting negative effects on the bodies, however when the stress is endured by the body for long periods of time, it tends to hamper us both physically and mentally.

There are two types of stress which may be affecting you:

  • Positive stress is good and motivates or drives us to achieve goals or solve difficult problems.
  • Distress or negative stress occurs when our bodies perceive an event/s in our daily lifestyles to be stressful and by perceiving stress exists, one creates this type of stress.

2. What causes stress?

General every day activities may cause one to feel stressed such as:

  • Working, studying, relationships, war, political upheaval, financial stability, driving in traffic and irritating or loud noises.
  • Age may also be a factor, influencing the severity of stress.
  • Pain, bright lights, new arrivals or deaths in ones family, divorce or even ones lifestyle such as your eating habits or diet may affect your stress level.

3. What are the effects of stress on our bodies?

  • People who have high levels of stress tend to be more likely to suffer from strokes, heart attacks and heart disease than those who do not have stressful lifestyles.
  • Anxiety or even depression as well as feeling emotionally and physically drained.
  • The immune system is lowered leaving the body more susceptible to infections or viruses.
  • Weight loss/gain or an upset stomach may be the result of stress.
  • Lack of sleep, hair loss or even early onset of gray hair.
  • In severe cases some people develop insulin-resistant (type2 diabetes, formerly called adult-onset diabetes) due to stress.
  • Stress in severe cases may lead to suicide, road rage or even an addiction to drugs.
  • It may affect the sexual drive of men and women. Impotency is prevalent in men suffering from severe stress.
  • Pain and discomfort felt with joint disorders such as arthritis, may intensify.
  • One may feel forgetful or develop a bad memory.


4. What measures can one take to de-stress?

  • Try to identify and eliminate your causes of stress, or even take a break from the stressful elements in your lifestyle. A short break is equally preferential to a long break as long as you are away from the stressor, mentally or physically.
  • Developing a plan in itself may be a powerful stress remover.
  • One may find it helpful to discuss ones lifestyle and habits with a friend, doctor or even counselor as it often helps by talking to someone else.
  • Try to get some physical exercise daily or even take up a hobby or sport you enjoy.
  • Try not to suppress your emotions as this may increase your stress level. Crying once in a while can actually be good for you as it releases anxiety and unwanted feelings thereby relieving stress.
  • Set realistic goals for yourself as well as rewards for reaching those goals. Unrealistic or unobtainable goals may be more stressful.
  • Try to be optimistic and have a positive outlook on life.
  • One should always try to take deep breaths as this is an effective method to relax our bodies and therefore unwind.

5. Are there any foods that help with or hinder stress?

Food that help with stress reduction


Food that increase ones stress level

  • Fish oils high in omega-3 such as sardines
  • Avoid any refined foods, sweets or pastries, greasy food, alcohol, tea or even salty foods
  • Whole grain food, a variety of nuts and seed and brown rice.
  • Junk foods are also a no-no.
  • Chocolate (in moderation), by stimulating the production of endorphins in the brain is also a good stress reliever. So don't let the family get away without buying you a box this mother's day.
  • Avoid excessive sugar intake
  • Vitamin C (found in citrus fruits or taken as a multi-vitamin) help reduce the physical and psychological effects of stress
  • Potatoes should be eaten in moderation as these contain starch.
  • Stress makes the body use more water and may therefore lead to dehydration
  • Fiber found in baked beans is a good stress reducer.
  • Nutritionally dense foods that have gone through have been minimally processed
  • A diet rich in vegetable, fruits (in moderation) is essential in reducing stress. Stick to dark green or colorful vegetables.

An important thing to remember is that stress on the body is only felt when one perceives an item or event in ones life to be stressful. This in itself means you control your own stress level, so be wise - don't let stress rule you!

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