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Headaches, facial, neck and any sinus related pains


  1. Introduction
  2. Types of headaches Sinus headaches
    1. Tension headaches
    2. Cluster headaches
    3. Head injuries
    4. Migraines
  3. Causes of headaches
  4. Ways to help prevent headaches
  5. Which SinusWars Remedies are used to treat sinus headaches, facial and neck pains?
  6. Things to remember


1. Introduction (I feel like my head is going to explode!)

With today's turbulent, stress filled lifestyle, headaches are common, and may sometimes even be disabilitating. The many people that are headache sufferers attribute these pains to their hectic lifestyles, however there may be other causes which are easily treatable to help prevent and alleviate their headaches. 

A headache is experienced as pain in the neck, upper back or head and is one of the most common complaints people refer to.


2. Types of Headaches:

2.1. Sinus Headaches

You have sinus cavities located below either cheek, the bridge of your nose and forehead. These sinus cavities should normally be filled with air, allowing their secretions to drain freely into the nasal passages. If this does not occur, due to the sinuses becoming inflamed or a buildup of mucus pressure becoming trapped in these sinus cavities, headache-like pains located in the facial region will occur. Blockages in the sinus cavities may also be a result of tumors, infections and allergic reactions. If the infection is not treated a person may experience fever like symptoms on top of the terrible sinus aches and pains.

2.2. Tension Headaches

You know you are experiencing a tension headache when your temples get sore, your neck and head muscles start to contract and relax and a tightening, constricting feeling is felt around your forehead. Your neck may also feel stiff and bruised.

2.3. Cluster Headaches

Mostly occur in men who are between 20 to 40 years of age. Cluster headaches are recurring, unbearable headaches that last anywhere between 15 - 160 minutes and may occur many times during a single day.

2.4. Head Injuries

Headaches may sometimes be a result of and follow head injuries but should subside directly after the accident or after a couple of days. If the headache does persist for longer, it becomes known as a post traumatic headache.

2.5. Migraines

Migraines are recurrent headaches. The intense and excruciating pain is usually felt in one of the temple areas. The pain may move from one side of the head to the other.

Your GP's treatment will mostly always include antibiotics, decongestants, pain killers or antihistamines to control the inflammation and sinus infection. All of these medications may not however have any effects on the underlining cause of the headaches, and therefore the pain could return after a couple of weeks. 


3. Causes of headaches

  • Tension in the shoulders, neck or scapula regions
  • Dehydration (due to not drinking enough water)
  • Excessive caffeine (found in coffees and most other energy drinks)
  • Head injuries or even brain tumors
  • Excessive eye strain (which is very common as a result of our daily interaction with computers)
  • Sinusitis
  • Stress which affects us all, and is unavoidable


4. Ways to help prevent headaches

  • Make sure you stick to your regular sleep patterns. One suffering with headaches should always wake up and go to bed at the same time of the day/night every time.
  • Always eat a healthy, sustaining breakfast and try not to miss or skip important meals during the day
  • Meditation
  • Regular exercise
  • Decreasing your caffeine intake
  • Drink water daily and try to avoid aged cheese, alcohol/red wine, extreme heat or cold
  • Try avoiding any irritating, continuous smells, such as perfumes, pollutants or chemicals.
  • Working continuously on computers with flashing lights or screens could also result in you experiencing head pains.
  • Headaches may lead to a person experiencing depression, and therefore a person's emotional state should be addressed as part of the treatment.


5. Which SinusWars Remedies are used to treat sinus headaches, facial and neck pains?

SinusWars has four remedies available to help treat sinus headaches, neck pains and any general pains felt in the facial region:

  • SinusWars4 remedy - The pressure within your sinus cavities increases when your sinus membranes become inflamed, infected and irritated. This then causes them to secrete more mucus which in turn becomes trapped in these cavities and again increases the pressure already present in these cavities. The cavities may then become blocked resulting in the person experiencing a stuffy, congested feeling. This pressure buildup in the sinus cavities and poor mucous drainage may cause one to feel soreness and pain in the facial area such as the fore head, throbbing headaches at the base of the skull, cheek area, upper teeth area or even the temple area.

    SinusWars4 helps to address the underlying cause of these headaches, by treating the inflamed membrane linings and draining the blocked nasal passages and sinus cavities, thereby reducing any pressure buildup, and alleviating those painful, tear wrenching headaches you may be suffering from. It also helps treat any thick, colored mucous, both in the nasal passages and sinus cavities, as well as helps sooth any bruised feelings you may experience on your nose when you gently touch it. The early symptoms of inflammation are also treated thereby helping to reduce the pressure buildup and reduce any visible swellings on the face (such as the bridge of the nose) as a result of this pressure building up in the cavities.

  • SinusWars9 remedy - helps to drain and empty blocked nasal passages, reducing and balancing the pressure in both the sinus cavities and ear canals thereby helping to stop headaches from occurring. It should also help with pain above the eye area, sinus pains, headaches, post nasal drip and also any fever symptoms that may be due to an infected mucous build up, which will in turn lead to headaches.

  • SinusWars12 remedy - Will not only help to alleviate any current headaches you may be experiencing, but also treat the underlying causes of these headaches/pains (including forehead pains, pains and headaches that may lead to blurred vision, headaches that may start at the back of the head and then slowly progress to the front, headaches and pains that start at the eye and then spread to the temples and, neck and shoulder pains - which may be a sign of tension headaches). It helps to decrease mucous production, pressure buildup which leads to eyestrain and heaviness or bruised sensations on the facial area.

    By alleviating these pains and headaches, SinusWars12 will also help one feel less tired, drained and fatigued, and have more energy to live life to the fullest.

  • SinusWars15 remedy - One always needs to keep in mind that stress is one of today's major causes of headaches, and is most of the time completely unavoidable. It not only affects our body's delicate natural hormone production, but also causes certain systems to over-function or under-function. 

    Increased levels of stress on the body could cause-Tinnitus due to increased adrenalin secretion, stomach ulcers due to an increase in stomach acid production, a weak immune system due to an increase in cortisol production, sinusitis to recur and overall will result in your body feeling drained and tired. 

    The SinusWars15 remedy should help boost and re-build your weakened immune system, calm frayed nerves, help regulate hormonal secretions (Hypothalamic, Pituitary and Adrenal), treat stress related headaches, and tinnitus as well as help you feel less tired and drained.


6. Always remember our remedies are:

  1. Safe for all ages from infants to adults and has no known side effects.
  2. Safe to take during and after pregnancy.
  3. The homeopathic processing and preparation of all the raw materials makes this an extremely safe method. Homeopathic practitioners throughout the world use homeopathic medicines on a daily basis to successfully treat people.
  4. Sinuswars has help thousands of people over the years and has an overall success rate of around 85%. We can help you too..

(So throw away that stick of dynamite ready to go off in your head and finally get relief at




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