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Ingredients and descriptions for Sinuswars 4 to 6

Due to high demands we are posting the ingredients of all our remedies.
In this newsletter we have SinusWars4, SinusWars5 and SinusWars6.


1. SinusWars4-Description
2. SinusWars4-Ingredients, what they do and why is it used?
3. SinusWars5-Description
4. SinusWars5-Ingredients, what they do and why is it used?
5. SinusWars6-Description
6. SinusWars6-Ingredients, what they do and why is it used?
7. Frequently asked questions

  1. SinusWars4-Description

    Almost everybody has had a sinus attack at least once in their lives but some of us are unfortunate to be plagued by it monthly weekly and even daily. This in its self is terrible enough but for many people it does not stop there. They are not only bothered by the sinuses being congested, they have to deal with the pain, infection and fever. With infection there is inflammation and more congestion which results in more pain. Often the infection spreads into the ear and the chest. They seem to have a constant battle fighting infection after infection, dealing with the constant pain and discomfort. We see such people daily and from that clinically experience, formulated Sinuswars4 to offer them relief from this pain and infection.

    Sinuswars4 will treat sinusitis that is often accompanied by bouts of fever and/or inflammation and infection at the back of the nose and throat. There is often a throbbing pain that feels deep in the skull. Bending forward or sudden movements of the head brings on pain. There may or may not be a discharge as often mucus seems to be lodged in the sinus. Ear and mastoid affections often accompany the sinusitis. It prevents and treats the infections as well as the congestion. We often use it in conjunction with other sinuswars remedies for maximum results. The remedy finder will assist you in determining which other remedy you may need.

  2. SinusWars4-Ingredients, what they do and why is it used?

    Hydrastis Canadensis

    It is commonly known as Golden Seal or Orange Root. It is a perennial plant found in the U.S.A. and Canada . The homeopathic mother tincture is prepared from the fresh roots of the plant.

    It is useful for mucus conditions of the nose and throat (also for other mucus production in lungs, gut etc.). The mucus is viscid, tenacious and ropy. The discharge is usually yellow. There is profuse discharge of thick yellow stringy mucus discharge from the nasal passage or there is hawking of the yellow viscid mucus from the posterior nares and fauces (post-nasal/back of throat)

    Hydrastis is a potent anti-viral, anti-bacterial and anti-fungal remedy. It has a strong affinity of all types of mucus membranes and aids in their repair. It also aids in boosting the immune system.

    Kalium Bichromate

    This is potassium bichromate (K 2 Cr 2 O 7 ), a chemical compound of Potassium and chromic acid. The homeopathic remedies are prepared by trituration according to a homeopathic pharmacopoeia.

    Kalium bichromate is useful when there is thick tenacious stringy mucus. The mucus is often (but not always) yellow. There pains over the sinuses especially the maxillary sinuses, a congested feeling. Often there are post-nasal symptoms, a sore throat, a thick coated tongue and also a fever. It is one of the most valuable remedies in homeopathy that treats sinusitis. It is effective in treating ulcerations of the nasal mucosa


    It is known as the deadly night shade or Atropa Belladonna. It grows in shady places in Europe especially in the UK , Greece and Italy . The name "bella" meaning pretty and "donna" meaning lady was coined because women used to instill a drop of the belladonna to dilate their pupils to make them look prettier.

    The homeopathic remedy is made from the whole plant when it begins to flower. Belladonna is extremely toxic and the homeopathic preparations render the substance non toxic.

    An excellent remedy where there is fever swelling and inflammation of the nasal and throat mucus membranes. The nose feels as if bruised especially when touched. The pain of the sinus attack can be described as sharp, shooting or throbbing pain. If there is a sinus headache it will have the same pain qualities. It is a great anti-infection remedy for early stages of inflammation


    This is a nosode. It is prepared from the bacteria species staphylococcus. The bacterium is prepared as a homeopathic medicine according to homeopathic pharmacological principles and is based on the "law of similars" i.e. a substance that is capable of producing a group of symptoms will cure those same symptoms when used homeopathically. In this case Staphylococcus can cause infection and it is used in homeopathic preparation to prevent or treat an infection.


    This is a nosode. It is prepared from the bacteria species Streptococcinum.

    The bacterium is prepared as a homeopathic medicine according to homeopathic pharmacological principles and is based on the "law of similars" i.e. a substance that is capable of producing a group of symptoms will cure those same symptoms when used homeopathically. In this case Streptococcinum can cause infection and it is used in homeopathic preparation to prevent or treat an infection.


    This is a nosode and is capable of treating and preventing infection and inflammation. It is a well known remedy that eradicates infections in deep tissue like the sinuses. Also useful when the sinus discharge appears infected or actually smells infected. Pyrogenium also benefits those who have congested sinuses that are blocked and these blocked sinuses become infected.

    Mercurius Solubilis

    >It is also referred to Mercurius Oxydulatus Niger , Dimercuros ammonium nitrate or Black Oxide of Mercury [chemical formula (NH 2 Hg 2 ) 2 NO 3 H 2 O].

    The homeopathic remedy is prepared by trituration according to a homeopathic pharmacopeias.

    Mercurius Solubilis has been used for decades to treat infections of ears nose and throat. It is one of the best remedies to treat an infection with a green discharge but it is able to help any discharge. There is a sensation of swelling of the bones of the nose and sinuses, the bridge of the nose may even swell up. There is often tension, pressure and sensation of heaviness in the nose and sinuses. If the mucus does smell or is infected, Mercurius will treat it effectively. Sometimes there may be bleeding or blood streaking of the mucus

    Ferrum Phos

    It is also known as Ferri phosphas, ferroso - ferric phosphate, phosphate of iron. Chemical formula Fe 3 (PO) 2. It is a chemical compound of Phosphoric acid and Iron.

    The pure Iron Phosphate is prepared by trituration according to a homeopathic pharmacopoeia.

    It is a useful remedy in the first stages of any inflammation or infection. It is especially beneficial for ears, nose and throat infections. It helps reduce the swelling and congestion as well as the pain. It also prevents the sinus infection from spreading into the ears and chest and has proven to be effective in treating the congestive sinus headaches.

    Sabadilla Offiicinarum -

    It is also known as Cevadilla or Asagraea. It is a plant that is indigenous to Mexico and the homeopathic tincture is prepared from the seeds.

    Sabadilla addresses hay-fever like symptoms which include; sneezing; a runny nose; watery nasal discharge with severe frontal headaches, itching in the nose and soft palate that might extend to the ear. Sometimes there is a feeling of dullness and oppression of the frontal sinus.

    Arundo Donax -

    It is a homeopathic preparation made from the reed. There are symptoms of hay-fever like itching of palate and eyes; itching of nostrils and roof of mouth; sneezing and a headache that starts in the back of the head but settles in the frontal sinuses and especially the sides.

    Ailanthus Glandulosa

    It is known as the Chinese Sumach or Tree of Heaven. The mother tincture is prepared from the fresh open flowers. It is indigenous to Mulucca Islands and was brought to the U.S.A. as a shade tree. It is a very poisonous tree but when prepared homeopathically into a remedy, it is rendered non-poisonous.

    Addresses symptoms where there is swelling of the pharynx (back of throat) and lymph glands. Helps soften tough mucus that leads to blockage of the sinuses. It is also a great detoxifier preventing infection.

    Aralia Racemosa

    Commonly known as the American Spikenard plant from the family Araleacae.

    Symptoms include hay-fever with copious, excoriating (burning) nasal discharge, salty acrid taste, frequent sneezing. Can often result in a spasmodic cough and asthma (in those who have asthma). Sneezing can often be triggered by the least draft or current of air.

    Sinapis Nigra

    The remedy is manufactured from the black mustard seeds. Hay-fever symptoms with mucus discharge that is scant but burning, nostril may become stopped up and tendency of pressure over the sinuses.

    Allium Cepa

    It is the red onion and the tincture is prepared from the fresh red bulb.

    Treats hay-fever that starts as a catarrhal (egg white like mucus) coryza which begin s with sneezing and then results in a clear mucus discharge that is copious and drips from the nose which may be burning and irritates the upper lip. The eye discharge is profuse but is bland.

    The increased secretions when not treated can lead to blockage, infections and a chronic sinusitis


    Commonly known as the poison-weed but the homeopathic preparation of it renders it harmless but therapeutically effective.

    It is also a useful remedy for hay-fever where there is itching in the back of the throat. There is often an associated pharyngitis (sore throat).

  3. SinusWars5-Description

    Chronic sinusitis or repeated bouts of sinusitis leads to damage to the mucus membranes and sometimes even the bones. This makes the blood vessels in the nose and sinuses very fragile and often they rupture leading to epistaxis (nose-bleeds). We developed sinuswars5 to be used with our other remedies to deal especially with nose bleeds, to assist the body in repairing the mucus tissue and blood vessels.

    Sinuswars5 can be used on its own to treat nose bleeds as a result of sinusitis or other conditions. It is not effective in treating sinusitis on its own in most instances. It has to be used in conjunction with our other well formulated sinus remedies. Our remedy finder was designed to assist you in selecting the right remedy or remedies needed

  4. SinusWars5-Ingredients, what they do and why is it used?


    Made from the trituration of Red amorphous Phosphorous or it is dissolved in alcohol.

    There is a constant profuse discharge of yellow, greenish or bloody mucus from nose or posterior nares. A useful remedy when there are nasal polyps or history of nasal polyps. There can be frequent sneezing and obstruction of the nose especially mornings.

    Phosphorous has been used with great success to treat bleeding from any wound or epistaxis (nose bleed) or even uterine bleeding.

    Natrum Nitricum

    Also called Nitrate of Sodium, Cubic Nitrate, Chili Saltpetre and Sodic Nitrate (chemical formula NaNO 3

    This is effective in treating sinusitis with nose bleeds and ear pains or ear infections. There is pressing-inward pains in the maxillary, frontal sinuses and the temples. Often these patients may be anemic.

    Aurum Natronatum Chloratum

    Also known as Double chloride of Gold and Sodium. Chemical formula NaCl, AuCl 3 ,2H 2 O.

    It is useful for nose-bleeds due after irritation and ulceration of the nasal mucosa, after repeated sinus attacks and prolonged use of decongestants.

    Aurum Metallicum

    Also known as Aurum foliatum and is actually metallic gold. It is prepared by trituration.

    There is pain in the nasal bones and sinuses. X-rays or scans may reveal that the there are caries or weakening of the bones. The mucus membranes may be ulcerated and covered with crusts. The mucus and the breath may smell infected. There is bleeding because of chronic attacks of sinusitis, infection and prolonged use of medication.

    Kali Iodatum

    Also known as Potassium Iodide, Kali Hydriodicum, Formula K1 or KI. It is a chemical salt of Potassium and Iodine and homeopathic triturations are prepared using sugar of milk up to 3CH potency.

    Used when there is a discharge of thick yellow mucus or when there is a discharge from the nose that is running and like clear water. The nasal sinuses may feel as if they are heated or one is aware of irritation of the nasal sinus. The discharge from the nose may be like burning water making the skin sore. Often there is a nasal voice and a headache.

    Streaks of blood may accompany nasal discharge or there may be frank bleeding.

  5. SinusWars6-Description

    Please read sinuswars1 in conjunction with this as this formulation is often used in conjunction with SinusWars 1. One of the commonest problems afflicting us today is allergies. There are different allergies that range from food substances ( dairy, colorants, preservatives, additives, wheat etc.) to air pollution, house dust mites, grass, pollen etc.. These produce the symptoms of hay-fever that people commonly experience, which can then lead to sinusitis.

    This formulation was developed to address these allergies. Taking our remedy will help the body to not be susceptible to these allergens or to react with the bouts of hay-fever you experience.

    We often prescribe Sinuswars1 and sinuswars 6 together in practice and this combination has proved successful in the vast majority of patients.

  6. SinusWars6-Ingredients, what they do and why is it used?

    Teucrum Marum

    Commonly called Cat-thyme, is also known as Marum verum. Tincture made from whole fresh plant.

    There is catarrh both nasal and post nasally. The coryza and stoppage of nostrils leads to sinusitis. Can lead to chronic catarrh and there may be nasal polyps present. It is an effective remedy for acute and chronic sinus affections.

    Can have sensation of tingling in the nose, obstruction of the nose or as if something were crawling in the nose.

    Scilla Maritima

    Also known as Squill and Sea Onion. The tincture is prepared using the fresh bulb

    There is violent constant sneezing and fluent coryza. Sneezes, coughs, eyes water, rub eyes and nose. There is burning fluent clear nasal discharge in the mornings. May have ulcerated nostrils caused from the irritation. Eyelids tend swell


    Narthex asafetida. The tincture is made from the gum resin

    Treats acute hay-fever and sinusitis. And it is useful in cases that have discharging of copious mucus that may even be purulent (mucus containing pus). Can be used when the nasal bones become affected


    Also known as Daphne mezereum, Chamaelia germanica, Mezereon or Spurge olive.

    The homeopathic tincture is made from the fresh bark just before the plant flowers.

    There are hay-fever symptoms with discharge of thin pale to yellow mucus. There is formation of crusts and clinkers and an associated throat inflammation.


    Also known as eye-bright. The homeopathic tincture is made from the whole plant.

    There is profuse nasal discharge of fluent clear mucus with bouts of coughing and expectoration. There is also a catarrhal headache and excessively watery eyes. The eye discharge feels acrid and burns

  7. Frequently Asked Questions.

    1. The remedies finder results are not correct?

      Our Answer:

      We get thousands of emails every month asking us why are some of the remedies recommended by the remedy finder are incorrect and have symptoms that they do not have.

      The remedies prescribed treats the cause of the sinus problem.

      Each sinus problems has many symptoms.

      We treat the problem that causes the symptoms.

    2. How exactly does the remedy finder work?

      Our Answer:

      Once you have answered yes to your symptoms, the remedy finder then computes and finds all the remedies
      that will help eliminate your symptoms.

      Once a list is made, then the compatibility filter finds the most compatible remedies for your symptoms.

      Then the remedies choosen are displayed to you.

    3. Does the remedies have any side effects?

      Our Answer:

      No the remedies have no known side effective

      The remedies are made using a lactose base.

      Lactose powder has no known side effects and works much faster the conventional tablet form.
      If you are lactose intolerant (allergic to milk) then we have a fructose base which works quite well but not as well as lactose.

    4. Why do I need a 12 week supply?

      Our Answer:

      A 12 week supply allows the remedies to enter the body to resist and fight the sinus infections and problems.

    5. What is the difference between SinusWars7 (Block Nose and Inflamation remedy) and a nasal spray?

      Our Answer:

      A nasal spray offers temporary relief.
      SinusWars7 treats the cause of the problem, once the cause is eliminated so will the symptoms.

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