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Blocked Sinuses

Sinus cavities are air filled spaces found in the skull and temporal bone. There are four paired air cavities which make up the paranasal sinuses. These cavities are filled with air to help with voice resonance and lightening of the skull. Problems occur when the cavity linings become irritated as the cavities begin filling with nasal mucus resulting in inflammation and swelling of the linings covering these hollow cavities.

Why do the Sinus Cavities become Blocked?

Sinus cavities can become blocked for a variety of reasons:

  • Any irritant particle which becomes trapped on the nasal and sinus linings results in an inflammation of the linings. This irritation invokes the bodies normal response, causing it to increase the amount of nasal mucus produced as a way of washing away the irritant.
  • Increased nasal mucus may become trapped in the sinus cavities as it can be prevented from draining due to swollen and inflamed exit pathways. This causes an increase in the amount of mucus trapped in the sinus cavities leading to a rise in pressure and even pain. This is often the reason why ones nose feels swollen when suffering with congestion.
    Pain and pressure may be felt in the cheek, nose, forehead, occipital or temporal regions.
  • Stagnant mucus provides a viable breeding ground in which bacteria thrive. This means that congestion and untreated nasal blockages increases the risk of developing an acute or even chronic sinus condition.
  • Blockages can occur to either one or all four pairs of sinus cavities. This allows for unilateral or bilateral blockage (blockage of one or both nostrils).

Any blockage in one or both of the nasal passages make breathing through these passage ways more difficult. This makes it necessary for one to breathe through the mouth which can result in a condition known as dry mouth (xerostomia). Xerostomia can lead to an increase in dental caries, gingivitis (gum disease), periodontal disease and glossitis which is a condition which causes redness, swelling or inflammation and pain of the tongue.

Excess nasal mucus also affects the cilia, minute hair like cells responsible for sweeping mucus from the sinus cavities down the nasal passages and allowing for proper drainage. Any excess mucus surrounding the cilia results in cilia dysfunctional or immobility, allowing mucus which may be infected to become stagnant, dry out and become more difficult to dislodge.

What are risks related to blocked sinuses?

Blocked nasal passages and sinus cavities can cause a large array of sinus complications, decreasing general well-being. These complications include:

  • Sinus pressure which causes intense pain during a 'sinus attack'
  • Acute or chronic sinusitis (sinus infections)
  • Sinus headaches
  • General sinus discomfort
  • Bone deterioration due to stagnant, infected nasal mucus
  • Mouth breathing which can lead to Xerostomia
  • An increase in Dental Caries and gingivitis
  • Periodontal disease
  • Glossitis (Inflamed, swollen and sore tongue)

It is important to relieve any blockage in the sinuses in order to prevent further complications.

Homeopathic natural remedies to permanently relieve blocked sinuses.
  • The all-new SinusWars70 – OriNasal Clear Remedy provides for long lasting relief from congestion and blocked nasal passages.
    This remedy comes in a tablet form and contains anti-inflammatory and goblet cell regulatory properties thereby helping to decrease inflammation of the nasal linings, reduce nasal mucus production and improve normal secretion or removal of nasal mucus. This helps ensure further development of acute or chronic sinusitis is halted in its tracks allowing for free movement of air through the nasal passages and open nasal passages and sinus cavities.
  • SinusWars10’s Natural Pepper Spray offers instant relief from congestion with the added benefit of capsicum (pepper) which is a much sought after ingredient in numerous natural congestion sprays.
    SinusWars10 targets congestion on three levels, (1) any thick, trapped or stagnant congestion is liquefied thereby allowing it to drain freely, (2) any allergies or irritants which cause inflammation and swelling of nasal linings is addressed and (3) pressure is reduced by promoting liquefaction and drainage of trapped and thick nasal mucus; this also allows for a reduction in headaches and facial pains felt as a result of congested nasal passages and sinus cavities.

SinusWars70 - OriNasal Clear
(Long Lasting Relief from Congestion & Pressure)
Nasal Congestion and Blockage Remedy

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General all purpose Sinus Nasal Spray


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