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All You Need to Know About Spring Time Allergies

If you are one of the millions of people suffering from spring time allergies, then you understand how blooming flowers and trees are both longed for and dreaded at the same time. Nothing can make you feel worse on a beautiful spring day than an itchy, runny nose. Luckily, spring time allergies, more commonly called hay fever, can be controlled, giving at least a little hope to those who suffer.

Popular Allergens

Probably the most common allergen responsible for creating spring time allergies is pollen. Pollen is released into the air by trees, grass and even weeds. Tiny grains float into the air and land on other plants for fertilization. Even as early as February, pollen begins to rear its ugly head.  Unfortunately, when someone who is allergic gets a whiff of pollen, it can be just awful. Usually, tree pollen is worst in the spring, grass in the summer and rag weed in the fall.

There are eleven types of trees in particular that create annoying tree pollen in spring. They are as follows: Sycamore, Maple, Elm, Oak, Western Red Cedar, Birch, Ash, Cypress, Walnut, Poplar and Hickory.

Interestingly, mold is a year round culprit and considered a spring time allergen as well. Particularly after a rain when conditions are ripe for mold, higher concentrations can be bothersome. Yeast and mildew are common springtime spores that are carried by the wind. There are also indoor molds that can be bothersome as well.

Keeping your Allergies under Control

The best way to keep your spring time allergies under control is to reduce exposure to known allergens. Here are three main ways to do this that should significantly reduce your symptoms:

  1. First, try to keep your doors and windows shut. I know it is difficult when the winter has been long and you are looking forward to airing out the house. However, remember that in the spring the breeze can be wonderful, but only if it is pollen free.
  1. Next, avoid working on the lawn or in the garden. If you must, wait until later in the day as pollen counts are highest in the morning. In fact, try to reserve outdoor activities to after a rain when pollen has been washed away. In addition, never hang your clothes outside to dry on the clothesline. Pollen can stick to clothing and travel with you, but also, will stay on your skin until it is washed off.
  1. Finally, inside the house, make sure to change filters often in not only the air conditioner and heater, but also in the vacuum cleaner.


Nasal Irrigation

Using a saline solution to clear the nasal passageway is a great way to wash away pollen, bacteria or infected mucus. In addition, rinsing the area with saline solution loosens mucus and flushes out irritants.


Helps relieve sneezing, itching, watery eyes and runny nose. Some examples include Claritin, Zyrtec and Benadryl. However, keep in mind these medications may make you drowsy.


Sudafed and other decongestants can help relieve nasal congestion. Often, they come in spray form like Afrin or Vicks.


Some medicines actually have both an antihistamine as well as a decongestant, making it possible to get relief from all symptoms. Examples include Claritin-D, and Actifed.

Allergen Immunotherapy

In some cases, a physician can “desensitize” you to specific allergens by giving you a shot. Similar to a vaccine, it involves getting regular injections of your specific allergen in hopes that over time, you will no longer respond with symptoms.

Natural Treatment

SinusWars has two superb remedies that desensitize the immune system to almost all known allergens while also treating and relieving common allergy symptoms.

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