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SinusWars4 – EarWarrior - The Complete Treatment for Acute and Chronic Ear Infections
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Ear infections can be extremely painful and persistent, becoming worse as the day wears on and as your body begins to feel tired. If left untreated, complications such as glue ear, a ruptured tympanic membrane or further infections can arise as the infection is allowed to spread to other areas of the body.

The SinusWars4 – EarWarrior Remedy has a  remarkable ability to fight presenting symptoms as well as underlying causes of ear infections due to its complex array of Homeopathic and Natural ingredients ensuring ear infections are addressed from the start with no lingering side effects.

The diverse combination of ingredients helps to:

  • Treat swollen ears with accompanying tearing-pain sensations felt in the ears;
  • Assists in the removal of thick, yellow, stringy and fetid discharge and alleviates sharp, stitching and shooting pains felt in the ear.
  • Reduces bulging of the tympanic membrane and removes any pus build-up that can be the main cause behind bulging ear drums. Middle ear infections are also addressed together with any sensations of throbbing or beating within the ear.
  • Alleviates inflammation and swelling of Eustachian Tube.
  • Remedies throbbing in the ears whilst preventing suppuration in cases of acute otitis.
  • Improves the removal of fetid discharge from the ears.
  • Decreases excessive sensitivity of the ears to normal noises whilst reducing the presence of roaring sounds in the ears and tinnitus associated with middle ear infections.
  • Soothes an external ear that is hot to the touch; red, painful and swollen.
  • Addresses sensation as if something is being forced outward from the ear whilst reducing ear pressure which can make hearing difficult.
  • Removes thick, bland discharge from the ear.
  • Heals a swollen and red external ear, catarrhal otitis and helps to restore acuteness of hearing.
  • Treats ear discharge that is extremely offensive and reduces intense pain in the ears.

The SinusWars4, EarWarrior Remedy contains antiseptic properties and has the ability to lessen fevers which rise rapidly resulting in muscle cramps, chills and overall weakness.

Ear infections occur frequently in young children although they can affect people of all ages. Conventional medication often comes with side effects that can be harmful. The SinusWars4 – Ear Infection Remedy is a Natural alternative to conventional treatment making it safe for all ages.

The SinusWars4 – Ear Infection Remedy works-its-magic on your ears with no adverse or unwanted side effects by allowing the body’s natural mechanism of healing to be activated. This ensures that the infection is cleared up quickly and painlessly.

All the ingredients found in the SinusWars4 – Ear Infection Remedy cover each and every aspect of an ear infection; from discharge that may be produced to the different types of pain that may be experienced. Homeopathy helps the body do what it is meant to do naturally and will not suppress the symptoms but rather treat the body from within providing holistic and total relief from ear infections and common ear complaints.  



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Manufactured in a FDA Licensed Manufacturing Facility
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