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SinusWars1 -Allergies and Hayfever
The Specific Action of each Ingredient in SinusWars1


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The SinusWars1 Remedy has been formulated to treat allergies and hay fever. The body’s immune system is sometimes hypersensitive to harmless foreign substances that invade the body and can be classed as allergens. There are many different kinds of allergies that can be categorized broadly into two distinct classes.

One category of allergies is immediate hypersensitivity. During immediate hypersensitivity, there is a very fast response of the immune system to allergens. This is a common type of allergy that causes hay fever, allergic asthma, food allergies and some drug allergies.

The other category of allergies is delayed hypersensitivity which is a much slower response of the immune system. A typical example of this allergy is the peeling rash called contact dermatitis that one can get from jewellery and clothing items.

The homeopathic ingredients found in the SinusWars1 Remedy have been carefully selected and chosen to work extremely well to complement and enhance the effect of each of the other individual ingredients.

The rest of the article will provide a detailed description of the specific action of each ingredient within the SinusWars1 Remedy.

Arnica Montana; commonly known as Leopard’s Bane works well to treat a nose that is sore to the touch and feels cold. Its action focuses on the whole body and treats a feeling as if the body is bruised and weary. It is also useful in treating inflammation.

Ignatia Amara helps when allergies cause headaches where the head feels heavy and the headache may feel as if a nail is being driven into the head. If excess mucus is produced with an allergy and there is a feeling of having a lump in the throat, Ignatia alleviates these. Ignatia also assists with congestive headaches that may occur due to allergies.

Thuja Occidentalis; also known as the Tree of Life treats chronic catarrh, thick green mucus and mucus that may contain pus and blood. It assists in treating uncomfortable pressure at the root of the nose and a dry hacking cough. If allergies lead to sinus infections, Thuja is the key.

Sabadilla Officinarum controls spasmodic sneezing and a runny nose. It reduces frontal pains and redness of the eyes. It also reduces lachrymation. Sabadilla Officinarum helps address a sore throat and reduces the presence of phlegm. It treats any feelings of dullness and oppression in the head as well as a dry throat which may make swallowing painful. It also heals a chronic sore throat that feels worse from the cold and has a strong action in targeting ailments of the mucus membrane of the nose and lachrymal glands. Sabadilla is therefore extremely useful in treating ailments from allergies and hay fever.

Allium Cepa is made from the red onion and is a prime example of the homeopathic ‘like cures like’ principle. When cutting an onion the symptoms that you encounter are precisely those symptoms that Allium Cepa treats. Its affinity lies in treating coryza, with acrid nasal discharge and laryngeal symptoms, eye secretions that are bland and generally phlegmatic people.

The ingredient Nux Vomica treats photophobia and a smarting, dry sensation in the inner canthi of the eye. It reduces itching in the ear that is experienced through the Eustachian tube. It assists in treating a stuffed up sensation in the nose that is worse at night and assists with acrid discharge from the nose. It soothes a rough, scraped feeling in the throat and reduces a swollen uvula. If allergies cause congestion and a pressing pain on the vertex of the head, Nux Vomica is the perfect ingredient.

Lappa Major has both antibacterial as well as antifungal properties.  It is useful in treating sinus infections due to allergies.

Arsenicum Album treats burning in the eyes with acrid lachrymation. It also soothes and heals intense photophobia. It reduces thin, watery excoriating discharge from the nose and a feeling as if the nose is stopped up. It reduces excessive sneezing and is an ideal ingredient for hay fever. It heals a swollen, constricted burning throat that causes an inability to swallow.   
Formicum Acidum is useful in treating fatigue and skin conditions made worse by allergies such as eczema.

Histaminum is an ingredient that comes from Histamine Hydrochloricum which is naturally produced by the body. It relieves allergies and associate symptoms. The classic symptoms that it treats are a runny nose, itchy and watery eyes. It reduces inflammation and congestion and is useful in treating rashes or hives caused by certain foods, eczema, asthma, hay fever and bronchitis.

Ledum Palustre more commonly known as Marsh Tea treats aching in the eyes and burning in the nose. It reduces coughing that produces bloody expectoration.  Ledum Palustre has anti-inflammatory properties and is also an ingredient that can treat the after-effects of steroid and cortisone injections.

Graphite is made from black lead. Its action treats eyelids that are swollen and red as well as treats eczema of the eyelids. Graphite reduces dryness of the inner ear and assists in the treatment of fissures in and behind the ear and scabs and fissures in the nostrils. It also helps reduce itching eruptions on the scalp.

Pix Liquida is an excellent ingredient for the treatment of intense itchy feelings. It has antiseptic, disinfectant and expectorant properties and helps to reduce irritation of the mucus membranes whilst treating headaches.

Tellurium Metallicum assists with eyelids that are thickened, inflamed and itching. It treats eczema behind the ears and itching, swelling and throbbing in the meatus. This ingredient reduces coryza, lachrymation and hoarseness whilst soothing itching of the scalp and the development of red spots.

Sulphur is a highly potent ingredient for treating intense itching and burning. It treats burning ulceration of the margin of the eyelids, heat and burning in the eyes and increased itching in the eyes. It helps reduce heaviness and fullness in the head as well as pressure in the temples. Sulphur helps soothe an itchy scalp that produces burning when scratched. It clears up a stuffed nose and chronic dry catarrh as well as treats dry scabs in the nose that bleed easily. Sulphur also targets burning, redness and dryness in the throat as well as the sensation of pressure or a feeling of having a lump in the throat.

Salicylicum Acidum is made from Salicylic Acid and treats a sore, red and swollen throat. It is an excellent ingredient for treating headaches, pain in the temples and inflammation of the retina in the eye especially after flu or an allergy. It heals ear pains and inflammation.

Selenium Metallicum reduces hawking and the rising of transparent lumps of mucus, especially in the morning.

The ingredients found in the SinusWars1 Remedy for Every Day Allergies target different areas and aspects of the body that allergies generally affect.
Homeopathy encompasses all the body’s spheres and in this way is a holistic treatment. The SinusWars1 Remedy is a safe and side-effect free solution to the treatment of allergies.

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