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The signs and symptoms that you have an ear infection

Signs and symptoms of ear infections can be discussed differently in children and adults.

Signs and symptoms in children:

Ear infections can be observed in children from infants to teens. The various signs of infection in children include:

  1. Unusual irritability: Infants and small children who cannot yet express themselves usually start crying if they get irritated due to the unusual itching in the ear. More grown up children tend to want to scratch the inside of the ear and may complain of ear pain.
  2. Difficulty in sleeping: Ear infections not only lead to itching but also result in pain in the ear, which usually leads to restlessness.
  3. Tugging of ears: Due to irritation, infants and toddlers may pull on their ears to get relief.
  4. Fever: Inflammation and infections can lead from mild to moderate fevers.
  5. Fluid draining from the ear: When the ear is infected, pus may form in the middle ear. Under severe conditions, the ear drum may rupture, and pus may start dripping out from the ear.
  6. Foul smell coming from the ear: Due to discharge of fluid (pus), a strong, pungent smell comes from the ear and can be irritating. This is usually a sign that the ear is infected with bacteria.
  7. Loss of balance: The body’s balance is controlled by fluid present in the inner ear i.e. the semicircular canals. Infections in the middle ear can spread to the inner ear, hence, disrupting the functioning of the semicircular canals which leads to minor dizziness and body imbalance in toddlers and teenagers.
  8. Difficulty hearing: Due to the inner, middle and/or outer ear being inflamed it becomes difficult for these tiny systems to function correctly and sound cannot pass properly through the ear. The inflammation causes sounds to become muffled as if something is blocking the ears. Children may want to sit closer to the television or turn the sound up high if they cannot hear clearly enough.
  9. Common cold: Three parts of the face i.e. the nose, throat and ear are interconnected, hence if your child has cold and flu symptoms (runny nose, coughing, sneezing) it is not uncommon for earaches to accompany the cold/flu, as well.

Signs and symptoms in adults:

  1. Ear pain: Ear infections often lead to pain that can be mild to severe which can also cause pain on the side of the affected ear’s, jaw (toothache like pain) or neck.
  2. Discharge from the ear: This occurs the same way as with children. This pus can also result in redness of the ear canal and lead to Otitis Externa (swimmer’s ear). In severe cases, blood may also be present with the pussy discharge.
  3. A Foul smell coming from the ear
  4. Fullness in the ear: The Eustachian tube is responsible for maintaining air pressure within the middle ear. Inflammation of the Eustachian tube causes pressure to build up in the ear, resulting in ear fullness. Another reason is; if pus is present in the middle ear and fails to come out completely, this fluid dries and forms a kind of plug in the ear. The pus building inside the ear makes it feel like the ears are full or pressurized.
  5. Difficulty hearing: Inflammation and pus plugs in the ear can muffle sounds and make it difficult to hear.
  6. Vertigo and Tinnitus: Constant ear infections can cause damage to the semicircular canals. Moderate to severe dizziness and loss of balance can be experienced. This symptom is called vertigo. If an ear infections spread to the inner ear, not only is the semicircular canals are at risk of becoming infected. The cochlea (the hearing part of the ear) is also at risk of becoming inflamed. When this happens, strange sounds such as ringing or buzzing are heard within the ear. This symptom is called tinnitus.
  7. Nausea: Vertigo and imbalance can make one feel nauseous and likely to vomit.

If you or your child is suffering from any of the above symptoms, please consult your doctor immediately.

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