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Salt - A treatment for Congestion?

Everyone at one time or another has experienced nasal or sinus congestion from the common cold or allergies.  Stuffiness is an uncomfortable feeling to say the least. While there are several medications that can ease symptoms, both prescription and over the counter, many come with unintended side effects that can be almost as much of a nuisance as the congestion itself. Luckily, salt offers a natural solution that can be used to ease congestion and help you feel better.

What Causes Nasal Congestion?

When you feel a cold or allergies coming on and you begin to get that awful stuffed up feeling, it usually means that your nasal passages are inflamed and irritated. More than likely you have inhaled something foreign and your body’s response is to create extra mucus to help get rid of whatever is causing the irritation. Extra mucus constricts the passageways, making it difficult for air to pass. The results will be, congestion, a stuffy feeling and have a blocked up nose. Often, facial and head pain is present as well.

Nasal congestion can be the result of an allergic reaction to pollen or grass, due to a deviated septum, a sinus infection or from the common, but irritating cold. In some cases, nasal congestion can turn very serious if left untreated. In fact, it can negatively affect hearing, interfere with sleep and even disrupt speech.

Easing Congestion with Salt

Interestingly, many people with congestion incorrectly assume that the drier you keep your nose, the better you should feel.  However, dry membranes will only become more irritated, leading to more inflammation, causing congestion to feel even worse. Instead, one of the most effective ways to ease congestion is to keep the nasal passages and sinuses moist, allowing the mucus to do its job. Nasal irrigation with salt offers a perfect natural solution by not only keeping the area moist, but also clearing out thick or infected mucus, allergy-causing particles of dust and pollen and other irritants.

Nasal irrigation is beneficial with only mild discomfort. In fact, it is used quite often to treat chronic sinus and nasal symptoms, not to mention hay fever and even the common cold. For sinus congestion, make a salt water solution using warm tap water (or purified water if you have it). It doesn’t take much salt. In fact, the recommended dose is .09%, so be careful not to use too much.

It is best to use an eye dropper to administer the salt solution into each nostril. Remember to tilt your head foreword so that any excess mucus will drain out. It is possible to purchase saline solution from your drugstore; however the salt concentration is significantly less than if you make it at home. In most cases, over the counter formulas are not as effective at loosening congestion.

A great solution however, is the SinusWars10 Natural Nasal Spray. It uses a saline solution which gives you all the benefits of nasal irrigation together with the ingredients of pepper and other homeopathic properties which creates a magnificent formula to will keep your nose and sinuses clean and clear.

Salt water solutions are a great way to moisturize the nasal cavity, flush out dirt and airborne allergens and bacteria filled mucus. In addition, mucus is thinned out, making it much easier to expel. However, if your symptoms linger or worsen, you should seek professional medical advice and see a doctor.

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