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Post Nasal Drip and Bad Breath

No one wants to be the guy at the party with the bad breath... really. Everyone knows someone who needs a little help in this area and it is not very attractive, plain and simple. What if your breath is not cooperating because of post nasal drip? Is there anything you can do? Yes of course.

The human mouth contains over 170 different types of bacteria. Essentially, bacteria break down proteins in the foods we eat, causing bad breath. Sometimes however, bacteria break down proteins found in mucus and phlegm. For those suffering from sinus problems or post nasal drip, there is usually excess mucus, creating the perfect breeding ground for bad breath.

Causes of Post Nasal Drip Bad Breath

The type of bacteria that cause bad breath are anaerobic, which means they live without oxygen and hide under plaque or food particles in dark corners of the mouth where oxygen never goes. Anaerobic bacteria are drawn to the amino acids found in mucus. Interestingly, these are the same amino acids found in certain dairy products. This explains why certain people have even worse breath after eating cheese. Nevertheless, one of the best hiding places for anaerobic bacteria is the back of the tongue. Unfortunately, this is exactly where excess mucus from post nasal drip is located.

How to Eliminate It
  • Reduce Mucus
    The most effective way to eliminate post nasal drip bad breath is to try to dry up mucus as much as possible. This simply means to use the appropriate sinus or cold medicines. However, be careful not to dry the mouth out too much. Remember, a dry mouth is not what you are looking for because dryness only exacerbates bad breath. Instead, you are trying to dry up the Mucus. Be careful not to confuse the two.

  • See a Dentist Regularly
    Proper dental care is also very effective at eliminating bad breath. While not directly related to post nasal drip, if you decrease plaque, food debris and dead cells which offer protection, you eliminate hiding places for anaerobic bacteria, making it less likely it will be available to contribute to foul smelling breath. Also consider brushing your tongue as well as your teeth. As much as 50% of the bacteria in the mouth is located on the tongue.

  • Nasal Irrigation
    Nasal irrigation is a great way to flush the sinuses, eliminating bacteria and mucus from the nasal passageways. While there are over the counter saline solutions to use, a homemade solution is economical and safe as it contains no harmful additives or preservatives. In addition, you can use a saline solution anytime and as often as you like to loosen mucus which will help your body expel it easier. In addition to irrigating your nose, keep your mouth hydrated as well and drink plenty of water. Water will not only help to rid the mouth of harmful bacteria and food, but also, it stimulates the production of saliva which keeps the mouth moist and thins out mucus.

Believe it or not, many people claim to relieve post nasal drip bad breath by drinking hot tea or chicken soup. The reasoning is that the tea stimulates the cilia causing them to move which reduces post nasal drip. Interestingly, cold ice drinks and antihistamines have the exact opposite effect, slowing cilia movement. 

The trick to ridding yourself of post nasal and drip bad breath is to reduce the amount of mucus in your mouth, keep your teeth and gums healthy and routinely flush out the nasal passageways. While there are several medications that can help you, you may want to consider a natural alternative. Try nasal irrigation with a homemade saline solution, drink hot tea or try SinusWars2 and SinusWars14.

SinusWars2 helps to control mucus flow and production to treat post nasal drip, sore throats and bad breath caused by foul smelling mucus in the throat. SinusWars14 on the other hand targets bad breath directly by helping with dental and gum health while also helping to get rid of any infected mucus within the nose, throat and mouth.

Natural Treatments

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