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Global Warming and Allergies

Allergies affect everyone, some more so than others. Global warming affects the earth and like allergies, has the potential to affect the entire human race.

Allergy causing particles known as allergens cause an immense amount of discomfort to individuals whose body is hyper sensitive to these allergens.

Allergens being substances such as dust, pet dander, ragweed, wheat and milk etc. The body identifies this as a harmful substance and starts to over produce mucus resulting in a runny nose, blockage, infections, sneezing etc.

Most individuals are in a constant battle with their bodies to keep this condition at bay.
With global warming becoming more of a reality, we should make sure that each and every individual is aware and educated about the consequences of global warming, although in some cases it just adds to the confusion, frustration, frightfulness and agony one experiences when thinking about the future of allergies and global warming.

How are allergies and Global Warming Related

With more and more news of the increase sea levels, warmer climates, lack of rains, late rains, hurricanes and floods, one has to question what influence does this have on allergies or allergy symptoms.

Climate change plays the most important role in the cycle which causes one’s body to have allergic attacks. This climate change causes an individual to have more sneezing episodes, congestion and other allergic symptoms that damper one’s life and social status.

Studies have indicated that due to the carbon monoxide levels that are being produced in the cities and countries, individuals are becoming more and more prone to allergies and are developing more allergy symptoms daily.

Rag weed (a main allergy causing culprit) and poison ivy thrive in conditions that have high levels of carbon monoxide and certain flowing plants have produce more pollen due to the high levels of Carbon Monoxide.

This ultimately means that the pollen count is on the increase daily just as the levels and issues of global warming are on the rise.  

Some of the signs of global warming include:

  • Seasons which come up earlier or later than expected
  • Severely hot days and cold days

Diseases and infections are also more widely spread creating an environment that one has to approach with caution. With carbon monoxide levels’ rising at a staggering rate, and the ragweed and pollen on the increase, every single allergy sufferer has to treat each and every environment entered as a war field and will need to stimulate their immune systems to create a barrier or weapon to ward off allergy attacks and symptoms.

The decaying of the plants and pollen coupled with increased rain fall also cause a development of moss and fungus which can be accompanied by bacteria and as a result make allergy conditions worse and lead to further infections.

The Solution

The public needs to be aware of ways in which they contribute to carbon monoxide in the environment and take drastic steps to cut down on the toxins released into the environment and air.

One should educate one’s self on the implications global warming and pollution has on the world and environment.

  • Hayfever and allergy conditions should get the correct treatment from the start and your allergist should be consulted regularly to avoid complications.
  • Try using public transport or cycle to work to lower levels of carbon monoxide.
  • Recycling should be practiced in every home and toxic waste should be disposed of correctly, in a toxic waste site.
  • Clean up teams should be organized, to clean up the environment and CFC free products that do not damage the atmosphere should be used.
  • Factories should find alternative safe ways to produce energy and so forth.

All this seems easy, but in reality it is the most difficult task to carry out as pollution continues to rise resulting in global warming becoming more evident every day.

Global Warming aggravates an allergy suffers condition causing more allergic symptoms to be experienced.

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