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Do you have a lack of smell or no smell at all? Do you have a loss of appetite, because you cannot taste the flavor of the foods you eat? If so, you may have Anosmia or its related conditions; Hyposmia and Ageusia.

What is Anosmia?

Anosmia is the loss of smell. If you cannot smell food aromas, perfume, smoke or other odors you could have anosmia.

Our smell nerves (olfactory nerves) are situated behind the eyes and above your nose. Airborne substances that are inhaled stimulate these nerves and allow you to perceive your sense of smell.

Some people might have a diminished sense of smell and not a total loss of their smell. Meaning that some odors you can smell while others you cannot. This is then called Hyposmia. Hyposmia is the reduced ability to detect odors.

Usually a loss or diminished sense of smell is often accompanied by a loss or diminished sense of taste. The sense of taste is actually derived from your sense of smell. When you have no sense of taste it is known as Ageusia. When your sense of smell is not fully gone and you can only distinguish some tastes then you are known to have Hypogeusia.

What causes Anosmia?

There are several causes of anosmia.

  • Obstructions in your nose such as:
    • Nasal Polyps caused by constantly inflamed mucus membranes and nasal tumors that block aromas from reaching the sense receptors in your nose.
    • A blocked nose caused by thick, persistent mucus stuck in your nose.
    • Inflamed nasal passages caused by colds, flu’s or Allergies.
  • Nerve damage caused by cigarette smoke.
  • Some medications such as thyroid medications, nasal steroids and decongestants (sprays) and certain chemicals such as formaldehyde and acid exposure also damage sensory nerves in your nose. If you suspect that your sense of smell has diminished due to certain medications, consult your doctor before taking action.
  • Brain or sinus surgery can also cause anosmia.
  • Head and brain injuries such as a blow to the head can cause loss of smell.
  • The loss of smell can also be an early sign of Parkinson’s disease in some individuals.
  • Anosmia can be a symptom of Alzheimer's disease.
  • Zinc deficiency can also cause anosmia. This type of anosmia is in certain cases irreversible

Treating Anosmia

Anosmia can be temporary or permanent. Anosmia and ageusia often return after a cold or flu but if you do not treat the cold, anosmia may remain permanently. Other helpful hints to treat Anosmia include:

  • Quit smoking to revive olfactory nerves.
  • Do not overuse and misuse nasal decongestants.
  • Taking a zinc supplement can improve your sense of smell and therefore your sense of taste.
  • Treating the underlying causes of your problem using SinusWars remedies.
  • SinusWars7 unblocks thick, sticky mucus in your sinus cavities and nasal passages.
  • SinusWars8 treats chronic sinusitis symptoms.
  • SinusWars13 treats nasal polyps and ensures there are no new polyp growths.
  • SinusWars14 treats all sinus symptoms including anosmia and ageusia.

Are there any dangers in not being able to smell?

Imagine being in a burning building. If you are sleeping in a building that catches on fire how will you detect the smoke if you cannot smell?

Smell is not only important to have in dangerous situations such as when a building is on fire, but also to our health. Aromas from food arouse our appetite and ensure that we eat. Food that tastes and smells good increases your saliva production and stimulates your digestive tract that in turn increases your bodies' absorption of nutrients.

Anosmia and ageusia can make your life boring and tasteless. Without these senses you would not be able to enjoy the little things in life. Try our Sinuswars products now!


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