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About Stress

Stress is referred to as a 'World Wide Epidemic' by the World Health Organization (WHO), is a common health problem globally, affecting about 19 million adults in America.  

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What is Stress?

Stress has become increasingly multitudinous in the 21st century. Every one of us is somehow exposed to certain stressors in our daily lives and we all respond differently depending on the stress levels and our emotional state. Subjective argumentations implies that the workplace environment has a much higher stress levels than a home environment.

In the workplace, superiors exert more pressure on junior employees following the myth that pressure breeds high productivity. Unfortunately, if pressure becomes too excessive, it may cause stress and loss of concentration. Employees then begin behaving strangely and uncomfortable because of the effects of workplace stressors. Many believe that most family problems including domestic violence is mainly a result of workplace stress.

Generally, Stress consists of any biological or psychological trend that exerts pressure on and suggests change in your physical or mental health. Often, stress is associated with environmental or situational change.

Stress is when individuals perceive themselves as being unable to cope or having inadequate ability to combat the pressure exerted on them. "Employers have a duty to provide a safe working environment for their staff and recent compensation claims confirm that this includes their mental well-being."

Scientific research is increasingly confirming the integral role of stress in our societies in causing and worsening various psychological, social, physical and other disorders. For the past two decades, stress levels seem to have doubled in American adults according to the surveys undertaken by various health institutions.

Causes of Stress

Stress, whether work related or otherwise, is mainly our perception of the situation we find ourselves in. We may find certain situations too stressful than others or vice versa. In most instances, stress is a combination of work or home related issues. Most stressors are said to be work related.

Hostile workplace environment

Most people complain of workplace stress. Their complaints are more or less adjacent to or resemble the following:

  • Low or lesser performance, sudden trauma, several big crises, or many small daily hassles.
  • Having little or no control over our lives, duties and tasks e.g. being "on the assembly line" instead of the boss.
  • Excessive or impossible demands, noise, boring or lonely work, stupid rules, unpleasant people.
  • Poor personnel (employee) relationships can cause stress and may also cause anxieties and emotional disorders.
  • Insecure infrastructure and inconvenient work tools and equipment e.g. old technology, old non renovated buildings.
  • High responsibility e.g. working as a police officer or working at a day care centre or as a nurse.
  • Undesirable leadership styles and group pressure are common workplace stressors e.g. dogmatic statements such as "I hate you! You are useless! I'll fire you!"
  • Family or social problems (outside work) may also aggravate or contribute to workplace stress.
  • Excessive work pressure and irrational deadlines may be too stressful for fieldworkers while at the same time pleasant for the supervisor.
  • Unclear job description and not knowing how your superior views your work or performance.
  • Poor personnel support and development, as well as poor workmen compensation (recognition and rewards).



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