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Sinus Infection Treatment
Does your nose often feel sore, inflamed, irritated and make you look as if you were Rudolf from Santa’s Sleigh due to constant blowing or wiping with a tissue? Do you often feel as if your nose is the biggest and most prominent feature of your face and that you can never breathe fully through your nasal passages? These are just a few of the symptoms one experiences with a sinus infection or sinusitis.

Sinusitis is in essence caused by an inflammation of the nasal linings that surround the sinus cavities and nasal passages. These linings are responsible for normal nasal mucus production and mucus drainage. Any inflammation or swelling of these areas may result in mucus becoming trapped as it cannot drain normally. It is this trapped mucus that becomes a contained unit for pathogenic microorganisms such as fungi, numerous viruses or bacteria resulting in what we know to be a sinus infection.

Color of Mucus and its role in Sinusitis

The color of one’s nasal mucus is often a valuable indicator of the severity of a sinus infection as well as the type of microorganism responsible for the infection. Mucus is normally clear to opaque in color with any variations from this indicating that bacterial, viral or fungal microorganisms may be present.

  • Yellow Nasal Mucus: This color is often an indicator of a less severe, acute sinus infection. It can also indicate the start of a cold or flu. Yellow nasal mucus may also be a sign of an allergic reaction. A common bacteria Staphylococcus aureus is often responsible for causing markedly yellow mucus.
  • Yellow/Green Nasal Mucus: Yellow mucus which contains green streaks is often the first precursor the body produces to warn you that a more serious sinus infection is about to develop.
  • Green Nasal Mucus: Green nasal mucus can often be referred to as purulent rhinitis. The green color of the mucus is indicative of a more serious viral, fungal or bacterial sinus infection with the shade of green varying from dark to very bright. Green mucus may also be an associated symptom of nasal polyps.
  • Blue/Green Nasal Mucus: The microorganism pseudomonas is usually responsible turning nasal mucus blue/green in color.

The actual green color of nasal mucus is not just a result of the presence of bacteria or viruses but can also be a result of a green colored enzyme found in the body’s white blood cells (neutrophils) which are sent to the area in which the bacteria, viruses or fungi are present. When these white blood cells die and rapture they release the green colored enzyme.

Three main types of Sinus Infections

A sinus infection may be classified based on its duration. Acute Sinusitis is a less severe condition in which the sinus infection is only present for 3 weeks or less. Chronic Sinusitis is a more serious condition in which the infection last for over 3 weeks. In certain circumstances individuals have suffered with chronic sinusitis for years with little or no relief experienced even with numerous antibiotics, nasal decongestants and even surgery.

A more common sinus infection is one termed “recurrent sinusitis”; during this type of infection an individual experiences frequent sinus infections with periods of full recovery in-between.

Other Sinus Infection Symptoms Include:

Acute Sinusitis symptoms

  • Nasal congestion and blocked nasal passages which may increase mouth breathing
  • Post nasal drip with coughing
  • Abundant, thick nasal mucus
  • Facial pains (cheek and forehead areas) and headaches
  • Constant low grade fevers
  • A runny nose (Rhinitis)
  • One’s vision may be slightly affected
  • Yellow colored nasal mucus
  • Yellow with slight green tinged nasal mucus

Recurrent Sinusitis symptoms

  • Recurrent sinus symptoms are often similar to Acute Sinus symptoms and may be a result of allergies to every day allergens such as dust mites, mold, pollen, animal dander/animal hair or even due to changing weather conditions.

Chronic Sinusitis symptoms

  • Nasal congestion and blocked nasal passages which may increase mouth breathing
  • Snoring due to nasal congestion
  • Abundant, thick or gooey nasal mucus which is ropy in nature and difficult to dislodge
  • Excessive or chronic post nasal drip with an accompanying sore throat and coughing
  • Halitosis (bad breath)
  • Ears may feel pressurized and hearing may be affected
  • Toothache (affecting the upper-back molars) may occur in severe cases
  • Frequent increases in body temperature/fever
  • A runny nose (Rhinitis)
  • Overall body discomfort which gets worse as the day progresses to night
  • Heavy pressure in the facial region, headaches, shoulder and neck tension
  • Green colored mucus

Treatments for Sinus Infections (Sinusitis)

Acute Sinusitis Treatment (Sinus infection lasting for 3 weeks or less)

The SinusWars14 Remedy goes to work on the underlying cause of an acute sinus infection thereby preventing it from developing further into Chronic Sinusitis. This Homeopath and Natural general-all-rounder assists in treating congestion, rhinitis and bad breath, three of the most common acute sinus symptoms.

The SinusWars14 Remedy contains detoxifying and restorative additives that assist in restocking and rebuilding the body’s immune system whilst removing any damaging toxins which may make full and lasting recover from acute sinusitis near-impossible if left within the body.

Chronic Sinusitis Treatment (Sinus infection lasting for over 3 weeks)

The SinusWars8 Remedy is a 100% Homeopathic and Natural Remedy that contains an array of anti-viral/anti-bacterial and anti-fungal agents as well as immune system restorative properties thereby helping the body both treat and overcome a chronic sinus infection.

The SinusWars8 Remedy aids in the treatment of Chronic Sinusitis by stimulating and improving the nutrient and blood supply to inflamed and swollen mucus membranes; thereby helping lessen the swelling and aid in the removal of chronically infected (bacteria/viral or fungal) mucus allowing normal nasal mucus production to be established.

Recurrent Sinusitis Treatment (Sinus infections that come and go)

The SinusWars1 and SinusWars9 Remedies are ideally suited for sinusitis caused by allergies (SinusWars1) or Recurrent Sinusitis (SinusWars9). These two remedies can also be taken together to achieve maximum benefit when treating both allergies coupled with Recurrent Sinusitis.

SinusWars9 targets trapped or blocked-infected nasal mucus. It does this by helping reduce the amount of inflammation or swelling present on the mucus membrane linings thereby allowing for the free drainage or bacteria/viral or fungal containing nasal mucus. By reducing the pressure in these areas, SinusWars9 eases headaches and tension. It also contains a natural pain assisting ingredient which goes to work on the pain immediately.


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