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Sleep is a naturally recurring state which reduces our sensory and muscle activity. It allows our body and mind to rest before working again. OriEasy Sleep deals with all the problems that causes insomnia. It is a natural product and has no known side effects even for long term usage.

All ingredients are not in there crude (natural and unprocessed) form.

The ingredients go through a process of dilution and titration. This process renders the ingredients safe and extremely effective. Each ingredient has been individually proven to work and documented by various researchers and doctors throughout the world. SinusWars only uses proven, safe and effective ingredients put together with the greatest care and backed by professionals and doctors worldwide. All ingredients used in OriEasy Sleep are according to the strict guidelines set by the FDA and HPUS.

Passiflora incarnate (30C, 200C)
Passiflora Incarnate is a remedy used for mood disorders (depression, anxiety, stress), for insomnia and sleep disorders, for headaches, migraines and general pain, for stomach problems (colic, nervous stomach, indigestion, etc.) and even help relieve menstrual cramps and premenstrual syndrome (PMS).

Magnesium Phos (6X)

Magnesium Phos especially in low potency, can help your body utilize magnesium in the body and from food and is completely safe (unlike 500 mg supplements that can cause bowel overload with resulting diarrhea). Cell Salts can improve the body’s ability to absorb Magnesium. If lacking in Magnesium Phos, nerves are on edge with the inability to relax emotionally (showing as anxiety, nervous disorders, depression) and physically (showing as muscle problems, fibromyalgia-worse with even a light touch, nerve sensitivity-even the skin may feel overly sensitive).

Calcium Phos (6X)
Calcium Phos is especially indicated in tardy dentition and in troubles incident to that period. Anemic children who are peevish, flabby, with cold extremities and feeble digestion. The fontanels are open too long, the oranial bones are soft and thin. There-are many complaints during teething; the teeth develop slowly and with rapid decay. The infant wants to nurse all the time, and vomits easily. There is much flatulence and with every attempt to eat, there is colicky pain in the abdomen. The abdomen is sunken and flabby with colic and soreness around the-naval. There is diarrhoea during dentition, with green slimy-undigested food particles.

Coffea Cruda (30C, 200C)
Coffea Cruda is the top homeopathic remedy for sleeplessness. It is non-addictive, inexpensive, and great to keep on hand so you can drift of to dreamland naturally with no side effects or "hangovers" the next day.

Kalium Phos (Kali Phos)
Kali Phos is the remedy for brain fog or nervous exhaustion. Anyone who has to use his mental capabilities a lot and feels drained at the end of the day needs Kali Phos to help him cope. Without this tissue remedy, there could be many symptoms that are manifested – from a failing memory to anxiety, depression, hysteria and even insanity. It helps a lot for people prone to nightmares.

Valeriana Office
(30C, 200C)
Valerian root is used as a sleep aid to help insomnia and other sleeping problems.


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  Provides fast long lasting relief from Sinus Headaches
Solves the underlying cause of Sinus Problems
Treats Sinus Infections
Unblocks; blocked nasal passages
Assists with Post Nasal Drip and Bad Breath
Treats Hayfever/Allergy attacks and Rhinitis
Relieves Sinus Pressure and Pain
Helps shrink and treat Nasal Polyps
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