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SinusWars16 - TinninusWarrior (Sinus Tinnitus Remedy)
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All ingredients are not in there crude (natural and unprocessed) form.

The ingredients go through a process of dilution and titration. This process renders the ingredients safe and extremely effective. Each ingredient has been individually proven to work and documented by various researchers and doctors throughout the world. SinusWars only uses proven, safe and effective ingredients put together with the greatest care and backed by professionals and doctors worldwide. All ingredients used in SinusWars16 are according to the strict guidelines set by the FDA and HPUS.

What make this formula highly effective is the combination of precise strengths and doses. It has worked for other people with tinnitus and could work for you.

Sanguinaria Canadensis 200C, 30C
Sanguinaria Canadensis (Bloodroot) is useful for earaches or a burning sensation in the ears, headaches, tinnitus and vertigo. This remedy is especially useful for painful sensitivity to sudden sounds.

Salicylicum Acidum 200C, 30C
Salicylicum Acidum treats roaring and ringing in the ears, deafness with accompanying vertigo and Meniere's Disease. Salicylicum Acidum also treats headaches, a piercing pain in the temples or pain located in the cartilage of the ears.

Lycopodium Clavatum 8X, 200C
Treats humming and roaring with hardness of hearing; every noise causes peculiar echos in ear, deals with discharges from ear; greenish pus, inflammation, buzzing, humming, roaring, ringing, whizzing sound. All sounds, sound too loud and the ears feel highly sensitive to noises.

China Rubra 200C, 30C
China Rubra (Yellow Peruvian Bark) treats pain, tinnitus (violent ringing, roaring, buzzing in the ears) and cases whereby tinnitus has resulted in deafness. This natural remedy also treats hypersensitivity to noise, light, touch and taste.

Chininum Sulphuricum 200C, 30C
Chininum Sulphuricum (Sulphite of Quinine) is helpful for noises in the ear such as ringing, roaring or buzzing, tinnitus that may be accompanied by vertigo, headaches that are worse on the left side, tinnitus associated with deafness, pain in the ears and fever.

Sulphur 200C
Sulphur (Brimstone) helps to treat pain and pressure above the eyes, a heavy and full feeling in the sinus cavities and sinusitis that causes pain when the head is moved.

Belladonna 200C, 30C
Belladonna is useful in treating constant, irritating ringing or humming noises in the ear. This homeopathic remedy is useful for pain and can also help when the ears are hypersensitive or intolerant to sound.

Rhododendron Chrysanthum 6X
Treat difficulty in hearing, with whizzing and ringing in ears. Hearing better in the morning and the ringing noises only starts after the patient has been up for a few hours.


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  Provides fast long lasting relief from Sinus Headaches
Solves the underlying cause of Sinus Problems
Treats Sinus Infections
Unblocks; blocked nasal passages
Assists with Post Nasal Drip and Bad Breath
Treats Hayfever/Allergy attacks and Rhinitis
Relieves Sinus Pressure and Pain
Helps shrink and treat Nasal Polyps
Manufactured in a FDA Licensed Manufacturing Facility
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