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Halitosis (Bad Breath)- Symptoms, Causes and Natural Treatment Options.

Bad Breath is one of the most embarrassing and often unnoticed conditions experienced by millions of individuals world-wide. The main reason why this condition is so difficult to treat is because in most instances a sufferer is totally unaware that he or she has bad breath with diagnosis often being made by an individual who comes into close contact with the sufferer. What an embarrassing nightmare….

Causes of Halitosis
  • Sinusitis or a sinus infection (Fungal/Viral or Bacterial Sinus infection)
  • Frequent and the large consumption of Dairy and Dairy containing products
  • An imbalance in the levels of good bacteria found in the bodies digestive system
  • Eating strong smelling foods such as garlic, acidic beverages, spicy foods or fish
  • Candida or fungal infections of the digestive system
  • A poor of sluggish digestive system resulting in the accumulation of partially digested foods and stomach acids.
  • GERD (gastro esophageal reflux)
  • Cigarette or tobacco smoking
  • Diabetes can result in bad breath
  • Poor oral hygiene and gum diseases such as gingivitis
  • Diets low in carbohydrates can cause one’s body to break down fats for energy instead. This causes a ketone byproduct which often results in one’s breath having a fruity, acetone odor.
  • A dry mouth (xerostomia) which can be caused by salivary gland problems, excessive mouth breathing or certain medications may cause halitosis.

Not everyone experiences halitosis or experiences halitosis to the same degree. This can be attributed to the different levels of compounds and molecules each and everyone’s body secretes.

Halitosis Symptoms
  • A metallic taste experienced in the back of the throat. This taste is a result of excess iron secreted by the body’s immune cells in response to fighting a sinus infection.
  • One’s breath may be likened to the smell of garlic which is not only a result of the excess consumption of garlic, but can also be attributed to the byproducts caused by the body’s natural defense system.
  • Frequent belching can result in damage to the delicate esophagus as stomach acids progress up the esophagus as well as bad breath.
  • A thick coated tongue which may be either white or yellow in color
  • A feeling as if your tongue is dry and furry or even thick

Halitosis (Bad Breath) Treatment

Halitosis doesn’t have to be a condition that prevents you from keeping close friends or starting lifelong relationships.

Numerous other treatments target just the oral cavity, offering mouth washes and toothpaste-type substances with accompanying special toothbrushes however these are only effective in cleaning the oral cavity of bacteria and do not target the remainder of the digestive system together with the nasal cavities which are both linked to the oral cavity and may be the original culprits of halitosis instead of improper oral hygiene.

OriHaliGone targets three of the main reasons behind the development of bad breath. It assists in the treatment of bacteria thereby preventing the development and accumulation of dead immune cells, digested and essentially dead bacteria together with enzymes which contain large amounts of iron (these immune cells usually die in the process of killing the bacteria leaving behind unwanted byproducts); it assists in improving hygiene of the oral cavity together with helping to stimulate a slow and tired digestive system thereby improving the removal of toxins from the body and assisting in GERD (gastro esophageal reflux).

OriHaliGone is the only Natural and Homeopathic treatment which targets both the alive and dead bacteria remnants, oral health and the removal of body toxins responsible for the foul smell that is attributed to bad breath.


Halitosis (Bad Breath) Remedy

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