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  1. I have had post nasal drip for over 10 years and nothing has stopped the excess mucous and sour, metallic taste that builds up in my throat. I hope your remedy works!

  2. Hello, I've received your order and started today.  I am following the guidelines, not to have sodas, chocolate or tea. I am however, during the day, taking vitamins, not at the same time of SinusWars2.  Adrenal C, Adrenal Rebuilder, and Magnesium Citrate.

    As far as medications goes, I've had my first ever bout with Asthmatic Bronchitis. I am currently taking an inhaler of beclomethasone diproprionate HFA, 80mcg. Twice a day.  I hope any of this does not interfere with the SinusWars2 remedy.

  3. Should I take the whole 12 week's supply or see how it goes?

  4. Can you just clear up a couple of points please. Looking at the list of what is to be avoided does this include mouthwash or toothpaste with regards to peppermint? Also did not quite understand what you meant about contact with metal.  Do you have to eat with plastic knives and forks and not come into contact with metal at all e.g. touching kitchen sink, toaster etc etc.? We have a restaurant and touch metal cutlery all the time, plus cashtill etc. etc!!

  5. I have developed a serious head cold and other symptoms since using the product. Is this natural?

  6. Currently I'm taking a homeopathic remedy for colon cleanse. The instructions indicate that I shouldn't take the sinus care remedy with other homeopathic remedies. Does this mean that I should wait until I complete the colon cleanse cycle or just take the sinus care remedy at a different time.

  7. Hi, does this stuff really work?  or is it a placebo?

  8. Thanks for sending my product. I do however have a few questions. One, like most people I am a skeptic. Are there any reassurances that this will work on my sinusitis? I will be the first person to praise you and your product if it does what I hope it will. If it works you can count on me to help you promote it.

    I have been suffering from this for over two years and have taken over 8 different antibiotics and nothing has helped. Any advice from DR's on any side affects. If you could just help me out with that I would greatly appreciate it.

  9. I've just read through the "not to be consumed" list and was wondering if I can drink tea? (Earl Grey, Chamomile?)

  10. Can I use over the counter nasal sprays or saline solutions?

  11. About how long am I supposed to continue using the tablets, what is the normal cycle to use them? Does consuming decaff beverages or chocolate just negate the tablets, or can it cause health issues? You say not to use other homeopathic treatments, I am taking daily drops to help control Candida, should I stop taking those? Can I continue taking other herbal remedies, for example I take one with Butcher's Broom and cayenne for circulation and vein health.

  12. Thanks I received the packet...but what about kids of about 10 yrs old...same dosage
    or different...

  13. I had flu like symptoms and was pretty scared that the stuff was making me feel worse rather than improve my condition. However, today, I am feeling much better and the flu like symptoms are all gone. Can you explain why this happens.

  14. My sister in law had had chemo for lymphoma. In the process her sinus are out of control. She has had two surgeries in Cleveland no avail. She blows her nose over 200 times a day mucous keeps pouring out. Drs. are baffled. They just send her from one place to another. Some antibiotics work for a little but then she develops colitis. Have you ever heard of this.  Her quality of life is slowly deteriorating.

  15. Hello, i have been having problems for a couple years, thinking it was allergies but it is getting worse. I am always stopped up with kind of a dry nose unless i use Vicks nasal spray which i use all the time so i can breath. Sometimes i'm alright until morning and i immediately get stuffed up. Can you help me, i was thinking the Sinuswars 7.

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