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Questions 19 - 21

A. When you use homeopathic medicines we recommend you avoid peppermint, and other strong smelling aromatic substances. Naturally you will need to use mouth washes and toothpaste which do contain these substances. These substances can cause the blood vessels in the mouth lining to vaso-constrict, i.e. get smaller and go deeper in. Our homeopathic remedies are absorbed by the blood vessels of the linings of the mouth so should not be taken directly after use of peppermint, toothpaste etc. We suggest on using toothpaste and mouth washes etc, that you gargle your mouth with warm to hot water and wait approximately ten minutes and then take the dose of medicine.

With regards to contact with metal, it refers only to the medicine which should not come in contact with metals. We suggest you use a hard plastic spoon to decant the medicine or simply decant the tablets in the plastic cap of your medicine. Touching work surfaces with metal, or using metal products will not in any way affect the working of the remedy. You can use your metal utensils as per normal.


A. There are three possibilities in this case -

Firstly it may be a coincidence that you have contracted a head cold simultaneously to taking the product. Our product will nevertheless help with your nasal and sinus symptoms.

Secondly you could be experiencing a homeopathic aggravation. We give you remedies that are capable of producing the same symptoms in healthy people when these remedies are used in larger doses. The remedy is made with a much lower dose to counteract your symptoms. A similarity can be drawn, when there is a fire and you burn another fire in the first fires path, when the two fires meet, there is a bigger fire and then it fizzles down quickly. This is the principle of "like cures like" in homeopathy.

Thirdly this may be a "healing crisis", by this we mean we get an illness while taking the remedy. This illness (in your case the head cold) is the perfect vehicle to eliminate all the mucous and toxins that have built up over a long period. The phenomena of "healing crisis" has been widely observed and explained in the natural medicine field.


A. We suggest that you complete the colon cleanse treatment first and then take the sinus remedy. The two treatments will complement each other as the colon cleanse treatment will ensure that your colon eliminates toxins efficiently and the follow up with our remedy will ensure a rapid clearing of your sinus symptoms.

Having said this, the taking of the remedies together should pose no problem but we suggest in this case, take it at different times in the day.



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