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  1. I am taking Sinuswars 8 and 2 how can i take them together? will u plz write back and answer my question thank u.

  2. With Sinuswars 5 can you avoid an operation (nasal polyps)? I have had two already and it seems like the third one is at the door. I would appreciate any information or help you could give me.

  3. When the weather gets colder and we light fires (open and stove fires as well as an oil heater) my sinus get dry and stuffy and I feel cloudy in my temple.  Why is this and what can I do to remedy it?

  4. I have 2 questions....
    1.)  I take Advair for my asthma, what possible side effects with SinusWars7?
    2.) How long do I have to take the medication SinusWars7 to be rid of polyps forever?

  5. After receiving the product and reading the instruction leaflet, I am determine that I can't use the product (Sinus wars #1). My vitamins & gall bladder support that I have to take daily contain several herbs & green tea. With the & cautions of what to avoid & not take while using the remedy I was wanting to know if I could send it back & have it credited to my card? Thank you for your help & understanding of my situation.

  6. I am 39 years old & have had TERRIBLE chronic sinusitus all my life. I had sinus surgery in 1999 & it has made it worse. I have been going to the doctor for years & all they do is give you antibiotics & steroids (sometimes) & decongestants & in a week or two I am right back where I started in MISERY! I have been in the bed all weekend because I feel so bad & am dreading work tomorrow. I am SUPPOSE to go to the ENT Tues. PM, but I wanted to ask you some questions-I did the remedy finder & #1 & #4 are the ones it suggested. Sometimes when I go to the ENT, they use the nasal endoscopy (for people who have had sinus surgery) sometimes they find bacteria (they send culture to the lab & I have to wait 1 more week to be in misery) & sometimes they find fungus (they culture for that too-see above note). Would either of these 2 remedies be good for either of these things. I have just started a new job & have no insurance now & unless they give me samples-if I go & if they do give me an Rx-I can't afford to get it filled. Which one (in case I can't afford both this week) would be the best to start with? How SOON w/o paying EXTRA s/h can it get here? Sorry, for the long letter-I got carried away.

  7. A quick question about the Remedy No 1 & Remedy No 6.  Can I use these whilst still taking antihistamines?  And how do I know all the ingredients are safe?

  8. Can you tell me when I should see any improvement? 

  9. I have been reading your web site the last few days trying to decide which of the sinus conditions I might have. None of the conditions you address mention the problem I have: my nose stopping up or even opening up depending upon the position I lay my head on my pillow at night. I have the constant running nose, blocked nasal passages (even to the point of 100% blockage, can't even swallow my own saliva!), post nasal drip, sore throat, violent sneezing, etc. This condition is generally severe twice a year, but the drippy nose seems to be almost a year-round problem. Any ideas what product I should be using?

  10. I have two questions.
    1. Can you take your meds with high blood pressure meds? 
    2. I have constant pressure behind my left eye and across my temple and behind my ear. My eye actually swelled up the other day and was very sensitive to light. I think it is my sinuses but my nose is not stuffy at all but does drip some. Does this sound like sinus problems to you?

  11. I just filled out your questionnaire, and I appreciate your diagnosis. But I have had nasal polyps removed surgically three times (the last time 7 years ago) and I feel that my present problem may be caused by these polyps now growing again?
    Your questionnaire does not seem to allow for this symptom?

    I have total blockage on one side and only partial breathing on the other side. Every few hours I get several violent sneezes. The discharge from my nose is generally clear but sometimes yellow.

    Also constant headache and eye ache. My mouth is always very dry at night and I frequently wake up to drink. My sleep is always disturbed. Sometimes my mouth roof gets so dry that the skin wrinkles. My doctor prescribes Klacid 500 to antibiotic to clear infections. I have tried all kinds of sprays and medications - no good. Your advice would be appreciated.

  12. I want to know if drinking Postum is acceptable.  It is brown but it is made from grain.  I am not big on tea and would like something hot to drink in the mornings.
    Also it dawned on me that most toothpaste has peppermint in it.  Is it strong enough to interfere with the Sinus Wars?
    And, Since I am taking #2 and #3, do I take them at the same time, or stagger them?

  13. My father has had chronic sinusitis for 2 years; these symptoms include severe nasal decongestions which leads to nose bleeds when he blows his nose. His eye lids and his front face is very poofy. He sneeze's a lot and have become weakened because of his sinus infection. Again, please let me know my options, thanx.

  14. I am in terrible sinus pain right now (including migraine and toothache from the sinus pressure), my sinuses are  congested.
    Last week I was desperate because besides all of this I had terrible green-yellow discharge and my nasal passages complete blocked plus flu. I went to the doctor and he gave me antibiotics. I hate medicine and I always take only natural products which I believe in. 

  15. I've been suffering with sinus problem since I was a little. Would sinus remedy 7 and 9 heal my sinus problem? Do you think I need any other sinus remedy? If yes I would gladly order it.
    Is there anything to be included in my diet that helps with the sinuses (I eat very healthy)? Thank you so much for your help.

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