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A. When you take two remedies, it is best to alternate them. In your case take SinusWars8 then take SinusWars2 half an hour later. This is the optimum situation. The remedies can be taken up to 15 minutes apart when you cannot manage to wait 30 minutes before taking the next remedy. We do not suggest that you take them simultaneously. Taking them together will not result in any side-effects, it is our experience that it just does not work as well.

A. SinusWars5 is used primarily, to treat nasal polyps, to reduce their size, and completely eradicate them or it can be used as a preventative once the nasal polyps have been surgically removed.  

Nasal polyps are actually out-pouchings of chronically swollen and detaching mucus membranes of the nasal and sinus cavities. Removing them surgically will help with the obstructions that they cause but this does not fix the underlying problem.  

Sinuswars 5 deals with re-establishing proper mucus lining function causing re-adhesion of the mucous membranes back to the underlying connective tissue that the lining normally adheres to. As the linings restore, so the polyps shrink and disappear. When the linings are completely healed and reach normal functioning polyps will no longer form.  

It is a common finding that surgical management alone results in new polyps forming. As you have already had surgery twice and now experience another polyp we can see in your case, surgery is not the only answer to nasal polyps


A. Firstly the smoke from the fire can irritate your sinus cavities and cause the stuffy feeling. As you are using a fire and an oil heater to warm your room, it causes drying up of the air as well. Inhaling the warm dry air will cause the linings to become dry.  

In order to prevent the room from getting too dry, place a bowl or two of water near the heat source. This causes the water to evaporate into the surrounding air and prevents it from becoming too dry. Using a saline nasal spray can also help.  

In some people it is often due to there mucous membranes being unable to regulate properly to the changing environment. In this case the linings are not adapting to the warm dry air by secreting more mucous. In other cases it is a reaction to the smoke. In our experience Sinuswars1 and Sinuswars 6 has proved successful in arresting this problem


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