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Asthma in women

Could Hormone Supplements Cause Asthma in Women?

Most women using hormone supplements are highly at the risk of adult-onset asthma. Although supplements like hormone replacement therapy do not aggravate chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, they may predispose women to asthma. Acetaminophen, for instance may trigger sudden adult-onset asthma in women who use it more frequently.

Asthma is more common in women than in men, but the risk of getting decreases at the time of menopause. However, if hormone replacement therapy (HRT) is used continuously, the risk of getting asthma may increase even during menopause. Most hormone replacement therapies have a great deal of both pro- and anti-inflammatory effects.

If HRT is frequently used before menopause time the risk of onset asthma attack in adult women increases. Besides HRT, reproductive hormones may contribute to the adult-onset asthma in adults, particularly women.

Can you develop asthma late in life?

Although asthma is most common during childhood, anybody can still develop asthma late in life. It is very possible to develop asthma at the age of 60 or any other age late in life.

Apparently, females over age 20 with breathing or respiratory break-ups might have asthma late in their lifetime. Males rarely have asthma attacks in adulthood. However, during childhood asthma incidents are more common in boys than in girls, but girls outpace boys during the teenage years.

Hormonal changes in females during women's period also link to the predisposition of asthma in adult females. Some women experience their asthma symptoms during or following pregnancy and women's period before or during menopause time. There are few incidents of asthma onset after menopause.

Is it possible to get asthma from taking hormone supplements?

Hormone Replacement Therapy is a popular treatment for several feminine hormonal disorders, but if used frequently, like any other medication they may complicate your general health. HRT is often taken on a daily basis as doses of estrogen or in combination with progestin hormone.

HRT is very helpful in most feminine hormonal disorders such as:

  • Menopausal hot flashes
  • Vaginal tract disorders
  • Urinary tract symptoms
  • Mood swings

Besides the frequent use of HRT, adult onset asthma may also be caused by other factors such as allergies increased exposure to cold air. People who have allergies in childhood without asthma may suffer from asthma attacks late in life.

What does hormone supplements do to your body?

According to scientists, the use of hormone supplements may worsen the inflammation of the bronchospasm leading to adult onset asthma. When estrogen is used more frequently it may cause cells to restrain more fluids which might narrow your bronchitis. Also, hormone supplements can increase levels of certain inflammatory markers in the blood, which might also affect asthma risk.

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